10 Amazing Benefits of Inversion Therapy

Inversion Therapy
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You might have already heard of the inversion therapy technique on a previous occasion. It is the talk of the town! Inversion therapy has gained a lot of popularity in a short time span since its technique has been made more accessible. However, inversion therapy is not quite as new as you would like to believe. It has been around for hundreds of years.

Inversion therapy works wonders when it comes to curing your back aches and pain, but in addition to this there is much more that this technique does for you. Here is an insight into this chapter.inversion therapy benefits

The Basics:

Let us cover the basics first to get an idea. The famous inversion technique is a form of physical therapy that involves you being suspended upside down. As crazy as it might sound, it is not. With the aid of inversion tables or inversion chairs acting as a surface, inversion therapy reduces the pressure on your spine by defying the gravitational laws in theory. While research has still many more grounds to cover, inversion therapy has been reported successful in many cases.

The Benefits of Inversion Therapy:

Inversion therapy has a lot many benefits, but here are ten amazing ones to start with.

  1. Cure for your back issues

The most fundamental benefit of inversion therapy is its ability to prevent as well as reduce back pains, and cure chronic back problems to some extent. Lower back pains can be very extreme and harsh in magnitude, rendering the victim unable to carry out routine activities.

As you are suspended upside down on an inversion table, the pressure on your back is reduced. This stretches your spine to its maximum potential. It has been largely determined that inversion therapy at an angle of 60 degrees is the ideal body position to combat chronic lower back pains.

  1. Realignment of your spine

Everyday routine activities tend to put pressure on your spine. Even something as mundane as sitting or walking can affect your vertebra adversely. Misalignment of the disks of your spine poses a threat to these vertebra, causing them to collapse anytime.

Good news for you is that inversion therapy acts to set this right. At such a suspended and stretched position of 60 degrees body angle, as the pressure on your spine is reduced, the spaces between your spinal disks increases. This gives them plenty of room to align back in their original positions.

  1. Improves your circulatory system

This is a given that inversion therapy would improve the functioning of your blood and lymphatic systems. More oxygen and nutrients are easily transported round the body and absorbed with the help of inversion therapy.

  1. Reduces the pressure on your nerves

As the spaces between the spinal disks increase, your nerve endings are also relieved of the pressure applied on them. Thus, better nervous performance can be observed. As a result of relief from the pinching of your nerves, you will fare far better than before.

  1. Makes your body more flexible

If your muscles are strung up too tight, your body could suffer from various imbalances, which have a negative impact on its functioning. Inversion therapy allows your muscles to be more accommodating, thereby making you far more flexible in terms of movement.

  1. Improves your overall posture

By making your body more flexible and adding to its strength, inversion therapy also improves your body posture. This could not only lead to permanent posture maintenance but also save your muscles from wasting away, known as muscle atrophy in medical terms.

  1. Deal with your headaches

If you have frequent complaints of suffering from headaches, then inversion technique is the right exercise for you. As your spinal disks realign, the chances of experiencing muscle spasms are reduced. This couple with a reduced nerve pressure battles your headaches by reducing them.

  1. Aid your joints

For proper skeletal function, your muscles need to be healthy. Inversion therapy employs the principle of decompression to improve your joints. Not only does it increase the content of collagen and synovial fluid in your joints.But also contribute to the mobility of your joints by doing so. It is also known for preventing arthritis, lumber osteoarthritis in particular.

  1. Help you relax

By reducing your body stress levels, inversion therapy prevents muscle spasms. This improves the circulation of oxygen and nutrient rich blood to the muscled in addition to the removal of waste from them through the action of the lymphatic system.

  1. Improved overall health

Inversion techniques adds to the strength of your body, make it more flexible as well as promoting efficient and effective body functions. It increases the shock absorption ability of your spine, preventing severe injuries. Moreover, inversion therapy also prevents many other disorders or problems associated with boned and joints. It obstructs the onset of many problems including sciatica, slipped or herniated disks and chronic back pains.

Inversion therapy is a miracle wonder for your back pains and much more. It does not consume a lot of your time, but rather it is recommended for only a few minutes on routine basis.


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