7 factors to take into consideration when removing blackheads

Written by Faheem Jutt

If you have watched the Youtube video of a blackhead removal shocking video, you will be surprised at what these little black spots on your nose contain. Blackheads are exceedingly typical and are faced by many people regardless of gender or age. However, why are they so irksome?

There’s belief that if you remove the blackhead and they are gone. It seems quite controllable in that way, doesn’t it? You get them out; you are done. However, sometimes thing does not go easy like that way. Removing blackheads forever is progress that requires not only the proper products such as salicylic acid, a daily skin care regimen but also it requires the correct way of getting rid of it and sometimes it does need the assistant of pros as well.

Know the enemy

There is an old saying that “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” so the first stage in the process of removing the blackheads is to understand them truly. In fact, a blackhead is a pore which is clogged with a combination of oil, dead skin as well as P. acnes. P. acnes is a kind of bacteria which feed on the protein and oil inside the pores and leads to breakouts. A blackhead is open on the skin’s surface which is different from a whitehead (a closed comedo). Therefore, it is more exposure to air which later leads to this plug of a hunk to oxidize and become black. Eventually, it becomes blackhead which makes it frustrating to mess with. When you finally get it out, the feeling is insanely high. However, you need to know how to do it appropriately to avoid infection.

Slather on salicylic acid

Salicylic which is popularly found in the drugstore acne medication has made an excellent option to remove blackheads. Moreover, the compound gently helps the skin cell get out and unclog your pores. Hence, the best method to adopt it is to layer it at least once or twice on a daily basis with the concentrations between 0.5 to 2%. You can try Olay Fresh Effects Acne Control Face Wash or Neutrogena’s Oil-Free Acne Wash. Apply these products as a spot treatment or use a medicated moisturizer.

The longer the products are applied on your skin, the more time it requires to work. However, do not overdo it by differentiating your concentrations, consider your skin’s sensitivity. In case, your skin is overly tight, dry and irritated; you should lower down your concentration, the frequency of application or the number of products. The most important thing is to know that it will take time for everything to work, so allow it several days to obtain the full benefit.

Know what doesn’t work

You should not choose benzoyl peroxide to remove blackheads because it can nuke zits quickly while salicylic acid is a better choice as it can unclog and exfoliate the pores. Because benzoyl is a bactericide which can be used to expel P. acne bacteria, it is not recommended to use benzoyl peroxide due to open surface properties of blackheads. Besides, since blackheads are open at the surface, those have no impact on the germs associated with acne not only do not help to remove blackheads and whiteheads. However, they also drain out your skin. Especially hydrogen peroxide, in case you overuse it, it can cause damage to collagen in the skin cells.

Exfoliate Gently

Regular exfoliating plays a significant role in keeping blackheads under control as it can scrub away dead skin cells which can clog the pores and later lead to blackheads. Switching between chemical exfoliants and manual exfoliants is fine. The major thing to remember is to do not over – scrub as you can strip your skin quickly. Garnier Clean Blackhead Eliminating Scrub should be used once or twice a week to exfoliate the bacteria and boost in the process of removing the blackheads.

Get yourself a skin brush

Using a mechanical skin brush seems to be one of the most common ways to get rid of blackheads these days thanks to the intensive innovation of modern technology. It can help you to strive against blackheads not only it is importantly a powered – up a method to exfoliate, but its deep cleansing process also allows the active compounds to invade your skin to make them more productive. It is a better option than a washcloth in preventing and curing blackheads.

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However, not all brushes are made equally, therefore, you should choose the appropriate one. Please note that you need to ensure the brush head clean and replace them regularly. For example, Iwotou Electric Multifunction Facial Pore Cleaner is one of the best skin brush you should give a try. The machine can help you to get a fairer skin, remove pore dirt and acne via enough suction force that will clean the dirtiest of pores.

Moisture, moisture, and moisture

Dry and flaky skin is the enemy which causes blackhead, so moisturizing is undeniable. Along with all other skin – care products, you also look out for non – acnegenic and noncomedogenic formulas which have been checked not to clog the pores and lead to breakouts. Besides, you should stay away occlusive products such as silicones and petrolatum which comprises of heavy – duty compounds that make a moisture barrier. They also trap dead skin cells, bacteria, and oil which eventually only lead to more blackheads.

Retinol or a retinoid

Drugstore retinol products and prescription retinoids such as Retin-A are often linked with anti-aging properties, and they are also well – known for their blackhead – removing compounds. Moreover, these products will maintain skin cells healthy and in excellent condition. And having healthy skin will help you effectively in minimizing blackheads.

Alternatively, you can try several types of face masks that can prevent blackheads. Clay, salicylic-acid and charcoal face masks make a great option besides retinol products. You just need to follow the instructions correctly. For example, the Aria Starr dead sea mud mask makes an excellent choice as unlike other typical blackhead masks; you do not have to peel the mask off to remove those pesky blackheads, blemishes or pimples. This mask can minimize your pores, moisturize your skin, firm up your skin, exfoliate, detoxify and deeply cleanse your pores. The most satisfying property of this face mask is that it is packed with nutrients and minerals which can enhance your facial skin.


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