Alia Bhatt expressed Her Anger On Eight Year Girl Gang Rape And Murder In Kathua

Alia Bhatt expressed Her Anger On Eight Year Girl Gang Rape
Alia Bhatt expressed Her Anger On Eight Year Girl Gang Rape

In India, Bollywood celebrities are condemning the eight-year girl gang rape and murder in Kathua. Alia Bhatt has also joined this list. She said I hope this little girl will get justice. More, she also expressed her sad feeling and anger on this bad incident in India.

Alia Bhatt joined the outrage against the eight-year-old girl gang rape and murder in Kathua. She condemned this horrifying incident. More, she said when I read and listened to this incident happening in the country my angriness increases on women condition in our country.

In Jammu Kashmir, an eight-year girl raped and killed by a gang. Now people are demanding this gang must be given severe punishment for heinous crime. Bollywood celebrities are also condemning and expressing anger on this criminal incident. Alia Bhatt has also condemned and become angry on this incident.

Further, she also said, Not only Bollywood people are upset on this horrible incident in India. People from all over the country are also upset. This is a very shameful, disgraceful and also terrible crime that has happened in the country. Further, she also expressed her anger feeling on a humanitarian level. Being a girl, women, human, and resident of this country, she is feeling sad and very bad.

She has also added her feeling on this ganged raped and murder. when she read more on this case, she becomes so sad and more hurt. Therefore, she stopped the reading on it. As she can’t bear it. It makes her more upset,  angry and more hurt. Therefore from two days, she has stopped reading on it. She finally said, I am hoping from my heart, that justice must be served. When she was talking about this issue, she was looking as she will start weeping.

She said as a human and resident of the country, we all must go out and condemn this horrible crime to stop such happening again.