Alia Bhatt Shows Raazi Stunning Shades Posters: Movie Director Shared Three Photos

Alia Bhatt Shows Raazi Stunning Shades Posters

Meghna Gulzar Raazi filmmakers recently shared three posters of upcoming Raazi movie. Alia Bhatt opposite to Vicky Kausal is playing the leading roles in this movie. Meghna placed three stunning posters of Alia. The movie is decided to be released on 11th, 2018.

Meghna upcoming Raazi movie with Alia Bhatt leading role will set to dominate record on Box office. The story is of an Indian girl who married with a Pakistani officer. Vicky Kausal is playing this role.

A short trailer for 40 seconds is released. In this teaser, Alia is playing the role of a girl who married because of some secret operation.

Right now the makers of this movie liked to share the Alia Bhatt three posters on Twitter. These featuring Photos include Alia, Vicky Kaushal and also Ranjit Kapoor. These posters background are in the intense blue atmosphere. It looks the movie is of a typical story. But on the other hand, its story include secret operation.

One poster is of Alia and Vicky. They are smiling and deeply looking into the eyes of each other. On the poster “A WIFE” word is bold.

In the third poster, Ranjit Kapoor is kissing on the forehead of Alia. He is showing love with her. More picture is also showing the bold ” A daughter” word. It looks Ranjit is performing her father role. At the downside of the poster, they both look like they are separating with each other so they closely tightening to finally meet each other. The filmmakers tweeted on this poster, with the words of She is a daughter, Righteous and also respectful.

Its tag is #ShaesofRaazi.

All three posters don’t directly show the story of this movie but the 40-second trailer shows storylines.
Finally at the end release date of this movie is written. May 11th of this year is Raazi movie releasing date.