Aman Gandotra Upcoming India Superstar: India’s Next Superstars Show Winner

Aman Gandotra Upcoming India Superstar 2018
Image Source: Indian Express

Aman Gandotra the winner of India’s Next Superstars reality show has signed movies contracts. The filmmakers gave the chances to appear in movies. Rohit, Karan judges of this show with filmmakers selected him. Aman Gandottra young star going to make his career in Bollywood Industry. He said, because of his confidence he won this reality show.

His belonging is from Jaipur India. When he won the show, he surprised all. Natasha Bharadwaj the girl with him also won a trophy.

Aman also shared his feeling at that time when he was announced as a winner. He became overjoyed and also said he can’t explain his feeling in words.

In the starting Aman performed slowly but his further performances made his name. He said, my confidence is the real success cause. When you believe you can win, work hard and believe your faith will give you the success. More, he also said, about other performers, they also did well.

He also shared, that many other offers have come to me from TV dramas, TVC, Videos etc. But his main focus is the films.

Aman is a person who also made some appearance in movies Rani Mukerji’s, Hichki. he said, for few years he moved to Mumbai. He also said, Last year Yashraj offer came to him. Now my status has been changed and I have won the show. He shared about his wish to be the face in the Rohit and Karan Johar new movies.

He is the only contestant, who made love angle buzz with the Kanika, Angela in the show as a co-contestants.
Last night reality shows Indian’s Superstars has been wrapped up. Aman, Natasha both went home with their trophies and also 10 lakh RS prize. More, also with the Rohit and Karan Johar movie contract.

Let’s see what will be the performance of Aman in the upcoming movies.