Anany Panday Cast In SOTY 2 Caused Screaming Nepotism

SOTY 2 Movie Cast

Now Nepotism during these days has become the beast. It has become the part of every system. It also has affected the filming Industry. More, screaming on the social platforms like Twitter is also causing loss. Afer showing female actresses appearance in SOTY 2, it has been started again because of Ananya Panday appearance in this movie. Ananya Panday Introduction is in the discussion of fans and people.

This trend started with the episode “Koffee with Karan”. In this iconic episode, Kangana Ranaut said to Karan Johar ” Nepotism Flag-bearer”. After this, it has come the trend everywhere on the social platforms. The Bollywood film Industry trend may change because of such Nepotism. In fact, Nepotism was not actually born because of Kangana saying. It was already in the Bollywood Industry. But, the beautiful talented young female has brought deep attention to such subject.

Now, Anany Panday cast in SOTY 2 has again brought it back. Many people are talking about her. As she is the daughter of Chunky Pandey. He is also Bollywood famous star. Therefore people are feeling nepotism in Bollywood Industry.

Anany Panday brought back the screaming nepotism. She is Chunky Panday star kid. But in Bollywood Industry many stars are belonging to the same family. Like Aditya Pancholi and his son. Kareena Kapoor is from Kapoor family and also her sister Karishma Kapoor. Good thing is that all are very good and professional actors. They proved themselves through their own hardworking and also own talent. Ananya Panday is not an only one in the Bollywood. Therefore she also can prove herself a good actor or not.

Every actor has to prove himself or herself to be an actor otherwise he or she can flop. Bollywood Industry old actors have given good kid stars. So Anany Panday also has the right to show herself as an actor. Its totally depended on her performance.

Dhadak poster

When SOTY 2 females cast announced on Twitter with their poster, then it was flooded with the same opinion. People have smartphones, therefore they immediately typed and this think caused the screaming nepotism. The same attitude and response came when Janhvi Kapoor project started. She is the daughter of Bollywood most famous actors Boney and Sridevi. More, Sara Ali Khan is the daughter of Amritha and Saif Ali Khan.

ara Ali Khan stars in Simmba

In short, actor performance makes the actor name. Therefore doors are opened for everyone show the performance and won the career. If Ananya would prove herself then she could become successful.