Monday , June 26 2017

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My name is Jelly I'm a senior editor on AuthorityRemedies. I write content on natural home remedies . My profession is nursing but I'm keen interested in exploring the knowledge of nutrition and fitness.

Top 20 tips to lose belly fat

tips to lose belly fat

If you are looking for the ways to get rid of the stubborn belly fat, this article may provide you some very useful tips. The increments in this post are come from the trustworthy sources and evidence-based, hence there is no point in worrying about the effectiveness as well as …

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Healthy Foods for Sleep Disturbance

sleep disturbance

It is obvious that night-life has become more and more popular among population and that’s is one of the most common reasons leading to sleep disturbance as night-life disturb our circadian clock and makes us hard to fall asleep in the later hours. As many as 50 to 70 millions …

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Top 10 Surprising Health Benefits of Coffee

health benefits of coffee

Coffee is known as a favorite beverage which is enjoyed by many people in the world. It is estimated that about 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed every year. Though there are still have some controversy about the health benefits of coffee, this dark black beverage is actually good …

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Top 14 Best Foods For Brain Health

food for brain health

As you know the important role of brain health. Moreover, what we eat everyday play a necessary key for our mind and remembered ability. You should choose carefully some superfoods which boost your brainpower and reduce the risk of brain degeneration. Here are top 14 best foods for brain health …

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How to quit smoking quickly and safely?

quit smoking

Smoking is not only a physical addiction but it is also a psychological habit. The toxin – which is majorly nicotine found in cigarettes can cause addiction when utilizing with high amount on a frequent basis. Sudden elimination of nicotine from your body will lead your body to suffer from …

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Top 7 amazing ways to treat a hematoma at home

treat a hematoma

Hematoma contains many symptoms such as swelling, pain and bruises on the face, legs or arms. Hematoma can occur in many different positions on the body. Otherwise, you might probably limit your daily activities. Learn more causes and how to treat a hematoma at home in this article. Causes of …

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