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Belly fat exercises to lose belly fat at home

woman making yoga in half-boat pose on mat
Written by Faheem Jutt

Belly fat exercises to lose belly fat at home safe your time and also money. Especially women and girls who don’t have time to go to the gym can do these simple effective belly exercises. Belly looks belly without fat. Belly with fat is the ball or football so you must do daily at least half an hour all below-given belly exercises steps to get ideal flat belly shape. The entire given belly fat exercises are equally effective for women as well as men. All the given steps are best belly fat burning exercises.

Top five simple effective belly fat exercises steps

Warm up your body to start these simple belly fat exercises to lose belly fat at home. First start simple jumping remaining at one place. Slow jumping warms up your body. In short, it will warm your blood and also ready your body for exercise. Three to five minutes jumping is enough to warm your body. Now you are ready to do belly fat exercises to lose belly fat at home.

Triangle Pose

belly fat exercises
Triangle poses on the mat as shown above in the image is very to burn your belly fat. To do this belly exercise, first, stand straight. Open your legs and also make a triangle with your legs on the mat. Flat your arms as shown in the image. Move your right arm toward your right legs and bend your back like in the above image. Your left hand must be in the air and also make the 90-degree angle. The Same step repeats with left-hand side. Your speed must be normal and also posture your body for 2 to 3 seconds like in the image has shown. Perform this belly exercise for five minutes repeatedly. As a result, your belly will move and your belly fat will start burning.

Low Lunge

happy woman making yoga in low lunge on mat
Low lunge on the mat is a simple and also effective belly exercise. First, stand straight on the mat and also raise your hand up like in the image. Open your legs and make 90-degree angle with right leg knee like in the image above. Slowly flat your left leg on the mat as shown in the above image. Stay in this position for 3 to 5 seconds. After that, slowly return back to our straight position. Repeat this belly fat exercise five times on right leg. Furthermore, repeat same belly exercise on left leg. This is included in best belly fat burning exercises. Daily exercising in this posture will burn your extra fat on your belly.

Dog Pose

woman making yoga in dog pose on mat
Dog pose on the mat is considered in simple and also effective belly exercises. You just need to lie on with your belly on the mat. Flat your hands on the mat as shown in the image .Stand slowly your head from mat with the pressure of your arms. Stay in this position 3 to 5 seconds and then again flat on the mat. As a result, your body and especially belly will get pressure move. This is simple and also famous in best belly fat exercises. Therefore, you must include it in your daily belly exercise plan. It is included in easy to do belly fat burning exercises.

Half Boat Pose

woman making yoga in half-boat pose on mat
Half boat pose is also a very simple and effect belly exercise. It gives good pressure to belly as a result your extra fat start burning. Furthermore, it is easy to do. Set on mat and flat your legs straight at front of your body. Slowly start your legs closing like shown in the above image. Your hands must be flat in the direction of your legs. Try to meet your knees with your belly. This posture gives a good pressure to your belly and also other parts of a body. You too will feel the pressure. Remain in this position for some time. After this, slowly back to your position. Repeat this belly exercise for 6 to 8 times. Include it in belly fat exercises for best results.

Plow Pose

woman making yoga in plow pose on mat
Plow pose is a high pressure on belly fat exercise. It is easy to do but need some practice. You must include it in your daily belly fat burning exercises. As a result, it will give you fast fat burning results. If you are new to do belly exercise then first do above four belly exercises. After one week, start doing plow belly fat exercises. In start slowly try to move your body like in the above posture. First, lie flat on the mat and start moving your legs as shown in the image above. Slowly move your legs downwards. Don’t give much pressure to force your body to bend. First slowly give change to your body to become flexible. After some days you will be able to touch your paws with the mat. You will enjoy this belly exercise after learning.

“Exercise is very important for burning belly fat. Therefore, everybody must know belly exercises”

If you haven’t time and energy for manual exercise then you can use the programmable lift chair for reducing your bally fat. You may learn lots of things about lift chair from this lift chair reviews article.

Dear friends! Share these belly exercises with friends. Help your friends to get a flat belly. All above are best belly fat exercises to lose belly fat at home.

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