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Top 15 Best Gadgets Sites of 2017

best gadgets sites
Written by Faheem Jutt

best gadgets sites

Do you love GADGETS?

If your answer is yes, this article can help you to find top websites which publish the latest news on gadgets. You will see here best gadgets sites of 2016. These sites are not ranking wise. Okay, let’s see the list of top 15 Gadget websites.


CNET is the best gadget site. It’s Alexa ranking, and the traffic of CNET is highest. CNET provides useful information about newly launched gadgets or also products such as smartphones, tablets, PC softwares, iPhone, iPad, Mac application, and also hardware, etc.

2. Crave

Crave is one of the best gadget blogs of 2016 where users can find useful information about newly launched gadgets such as mobile handsets, application, and also hardware, etc.

3. Engadget

Engadget is one of the leading gadget blog on the internet. Millions of people visit this blog every month for reading honest reviews of gadgets. Engadget was launched in 2004 by Peter Rojas, and it is also becoming famous day by day. Engadget is owned by AOL.

4. GSMArena

GSMArena is one of the most modern gadgets blogs on the internet. You can find all kinds of news related to gadgets on GSM Arena. Furthermore, users can also find here useful information about mobile phones, tablets, etc. In addition, users can also reviews on newly launched gadgets.

5. Yahoo! Tech

Yahoo! Tech is the site which is owned by Yahoo as you all know. The estimated visitors of the Yahoo! Tech is 25 million. Thus, it is one of the famous gadget sites. You can find all the info about gadgets on Yahoo! Tech.

6. Gizmodo

Gizmodo is a tech-gadget site that publishes information about consumer electronics, smartphones, latest techs and also much more. Moreover, it’s a great place to read reviews on electronic gadgets. It was launched in 2002 by Peter Rojas, and also Gawker Media owns it.

7. Tomshardware

Tomshardware is one of the best gadget blogs on the web where you can find latest news, reviews on gadgets and aslso hardware. It is the best place to find useful information about the electronic gadget. It was launched in 1996.

8. Theverge

You can find useful reviews on all kinds of products such as Smartphones, computers, software and also games etc. Furthermore, it is a great gadget site for finding the latest information about newly launched gadgets.

9. Phonearena

It is very similar to GSMArena where you can also find all kinds of information about mobile handsets. It is a very popular blog where users can get information about all mobile handsets and also tablets.

10. Digitaltrends

Digitaltrends is a dedicated site from which you can find latest gadgets, technology news and also free reviews etc.

11. iMore

iMore is a blog from which you can find best deals for latest mobile phones.   you thus can also find latest tips as well as tricks for smartphones and also PC.

12. Geek

Geek is also a gadget site which is growing day by day. This site furthermore, provides all the information about gadgets, technology, reviews on gadgets. users can also reviews on new movies, etc.

13. Fonearena

Fone arena is one of the most visited blogs that publishes useful information about mobile handsets. Further software and also all type of gadgets people can get.

14. Slashgear

If you love gadgets like me and also want more useful information on latest gadgets, then this blog is for you. You can also find almost every kind of information about electronic gadgets on Slashgear.

15. Anandtech

You can find useful reviews on all kinds of products such as Smartphones, computers, etc. on AnAndTech. This is one of the best tech sites.

16. GizMag

GizMag is also the good site for you. It’s Alexa rank is approx 3430. Its monthly visitors are 4,200,000.

15. Wired

The wired now is the last site of this list “best gadget sites of 2016”. Wired is the gadget blog from which you can find latest news on tech and also gadgets. The good thing about this site is that they also provide additional video feature. Thus users can watch videos and as well as give reviews.

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