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Biggest torrent sites list possesses KAT at top list. But this website has shut down. Most of the people like to download their torrent files from Kickass. Thus, torrents downloading community needs some better torrent websites that can fulfill the place of KAT. People can download same stuff that the found at the K.A.T. Therefore here I have written the list of biggest torrent sites alternate to Kickass.

It is excellent for downloading entertainment stuff. You can get fresh popular torrents files. This is awesome for movies, music, TV torrents downloading. The good thing about this website is it pay the users to discover and report the fake torrents. Thus, it is a reliable place for downloading safe torrents. Regular torrents downloader must visit it because it will save your time.

This torrent web has only the invite option for account creation. Thus the site admin may invite you according to the history of the comment you have posted. It is a P2P, and serious file sharing is handling platform. The membership is not free. Furthermore, wrong ways of advertisement and adulteration ads, popups are strictly annoying. In short, it is a safe torrent site for downloading every type of torrents that were found on KAT.

It is included in the biggest torrent sites that provide the third party cloud service. Users have to pay monthly or yearly for getting service. It is the advanced and the fastest way to download heavy torrent related to any niche. Furthermore, you can access the service using Facebook and also email account. In short, this is an awesome place for safe and quickest downloading. If you are regular downloader, then this is the best choice.

It is a torrents search engine that uses the same technology as Google. The world’s biggest Google-based technology is applied for searching all available torrent over the internet. It is free to use. This is very easy to use. You can get a huge collection of torrents related to the particular niche. It has more than five million indexed torrents. Users must be careful before downloading torrents. The first cheek the torrent source is safe or not and verified then start the downloading. Therefore you must know first checking the torrents quality then take the decision of downloading.

Extra Torrent
Extra torrent has become very famous after the KickAss shutdown. Now it is very busy and including in biggest torrent sites. What you like and want to download you can download from this torrent web. It has almost all features and categories of Kats. People globally can download movies and other enjoyment stuff. Moreover, it also has a separate category for mobile torrents downloading.

Lime Torrents
People can download verified torrents. They can also search the different categories of required torrents. It has an advanced search bar for every type of torrent files downloading. This website has both searchings as well as the available categories for downloading. It’s up to you what option you want to choose. Top and latest torrent features are also available for you. Thus, you can get your favorite movies and also entertainment torrents.

Bitsnoop has become very famous. It has more than twenty-three millions valid torrents for you. The user of this website is increasing day by day. All the main categories of torrent files searching are available at bitsnoop interface. It is a fast torrent indexer search engine thus people can search all types of torrent quickly and easily.
Seed Peer
This is also a very famous torrent search engine where you can download different torrents. It has a huge database of more than three million torrents. As like other search engines it also has an advanced search bar. Thus, you can download what you want to download in the form of heavy torrents. But you must check properly before downloading torrents. The source must be verified or not.

It is an easy TV group official torrent download website. This site is safe and reliable for downloading entertainment heavy files torrents. You have to use VPN for downloading torrents.

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The above given are the famous and the fast growing torrent sites. People can search their required torrent files from these websites.

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