Bollywood Box Office Collection All Time Worldwide

bollywood box office collection
bollywood box office collection

Bollywood Box Office Collection wiki best superhit movies listing is here for you. Best movies and superhit movies of Bollywood Industry are here. Their business, release, and hit scores are updating in the following list. Know the super hit movies of Bollywood. Enjoy this listing and also share with friends.

Movie business in the domestic market shows how much this film succeeds or failure. Therefore business score collection is necessary to know about movies status. Movies having high and also highest score earned business are basically superhit films. The movies earned less than highest score considered as the hit films. Further, lesser than these are average films. Flop or failure are those who don’t earn profit and plus scores. Here is Bollywood Box Office Collection for you to know the all years winners superhit, hit and also a failure.

Aamir Khan, salman khan movies are currently highest grossing as a whole.  But Baahubali 2 is the director S. S. Rajamouli film earned more than 501 crores. Therefore it is on the top of superhit films. its release date is the 28th April 2017. Dangal earned 370 crores. PK earned business is the 340 crore. Bollywood Box Office Collection will help you to know the most successful and super hit movies of the era.

Hindi Movies Box Office Parameters:

Following are the Box office hindi movies parameters to know the successful movies of years.

Super Hit Movie:  Film are than double the investment and more. Movie that double the consumer investment and also gives more than double of investment is a superhit.

Hit Movie: The movie that gives the double of consumed or investment is called the hit.

Plus Status Film: Movie that gives the full investment or consumed return with some profit.

Averaging: Movie averaging status is that gives a full return of consumed investment only.

Flop or Failure Film: Flop movie gives a loss. It can be less than 50%. It gives half of the return on investment.

Losing Status Film: Film that gives full lose with no return. its loss is more than 50%.

Bollywood Box Office Collection wiki is helpful to know the superhit Box office hindi movies. More, you can also know all statuses of Bollywood movies all the time.