Bollywood Movies 2013 List

Bollywood Movies 2013 List
Bollywood Movies 2013 List

Bollywood Movies 2013 full list is here for you. Movie lovers enjoy this year all movies, their release and also a story. Before watching movies it is really very tough to select the movie. What movie is best according to your choice.

Therefore here is the full list of Hindi Movies 2013. You can choose as you like. This list will help you as well as guide you for selecting the right movie you want to watch. It will save your time.

With the help of this article, you can confidently choose the right movie. The Hindi Movies 2013 list has all hit as well as the super hit Bollywood movies. It will save your time with no fatigue to choose a right and exact movie.

This list possess super hit, hit and also all movies of 2013. Bollywood movies 2013 full list for movie lovers is the following.

Some of them are here explained by their story.

Rajdhani Express

It is a political drama based movie. Ashok Kohli story film main cast include the following. Jimmy Shergill, Priyaanshu Chatterjee, Pooja Bosse. Its release is of 4th, January 2013.

Dehraadun Diary:

Milind ukey Bollywood thrilling film “Dehraadun diary”. Ragini Nandwanni, Rohit Bakshi are the main cast. The story is of a Politician daughter. She falls in love with a common family man.

Dekha Jo Pehlli Bar

M Shamim Khan romantic Bollywood film is Dekha jo Pehlli bar. The story is of three college friends.

Movie Table No 21

Aditya daat movie is the remarkable and also noticeable story. The story is based on the university group that teases the new student and newcomer.



Bandook is a thriller film covers up a humble and noble person who goes out for a money and success. He learns the use of the gun and finds it the only way to reach his desires and Aditya Om is the director of the film.

It is a story of a humble person. He went out for earning money. Aditya om is the director of this film.

Bollywood Movies 2013 list also contains many other movies that are given in the following table.

Final Words

Everybody likes to watch movies. Bollywood movies history is very old and also possess huge movies collection. It is really very tough to select the right one for watching. This list will help you to choose the right one film from Hindi Movies 2013. It will save your time and also energy to select according to your mood. Share this list with other friends.