Camel Spider

Amazing and interesting facts related to full grown camel spiders

camel spider
Written by Faheem Jutt

Many people don’t know about the camel spider. Therefore I have written here the interesting things and the facts related to adult and fully grown camel spiders. Many people over the internet know the clock spider scary pictures. There are several kinds of spider and the huntsman spider. Camel spider is one of them. It looks beautiful and has a giant body with camel color. Here are all important information of camel spiders.

camel spider

Camel Spider Picture Real

  1. Physical Appearance

The camel spider is also known as a wind scorpion. It is from the Arachnid solifuge family. This is a small creature family which consists of mites, spiders, ticks and the scorpions etc. Moreover, in the Latin language, it is called escaping the sun. This kind of spider is called escaping because it hunts in night timing. Camel spider habit of a night-hunting is famous because of its hunting attitude.

The physical appearance of camel spider is like the other giant spiders. It has arachnid’s six pairs. Furthermore, it has variable size and colors. The body size of camel spider has fifteen centimeters length. The interesting thing about this type of spider is they can reach the speed of fifty kilometers per hour and their jumping ability has the two meters height. This type of spider has the head resemble the scorpions.

The whole body of camel spiders has same physical look like other spiders. The interesting and amazing habit of this spider is they like to hunt alone at night. They have sharp teeth to kill the prey. They don’t have the ability to make the web. Therefore they attach the insects, snakes and other animals quickly.

In addition, they secrete the enzyme and produce the strange voices before attaching the prey. Their bites are dangerous. Therefore it must be treated on time. On the other hand, if it is not treated on proper time then it can cause severe infections, swelling and the amputation etc.

Camel spider laid eggs. They can lay eggs under the skin of human body. Like the other animals like bees and some other animals can lay their eggs under the animals bodies.

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  1. Interesting story of camel spider

Over the internet, there are many people creating interesting stories related to spiders. In the same way, people have also created interesting stories related to camel spider. A person has shared the pictures and the story of camel spider. In this story, he has shared how the soldier in the gulf war of Iraq was prey by the camel spider. He was sleeping and a camel spider came out from the sleeping bag and bites him. He showed the interesting and giant spider pictures over the internet.

  1. Camel spiders bites treatment

Camel spider’s bites are also dangerous. It can cause swelling, nausea, infection and vomiting etc. Therefore it must be treated immediately. Thus here I am writing

  • When a fully grown camel spider bites someone, it injects the teeth in the skin. it may cause severe infection. You must immediately use the magnifier glass to check the wound. Immediately pick out the teeth from the wound through the tweezers.
  • Immediately and in the case of emergency use toothpaste or saliva. Chew rice grain in the mouth and apply it on the affected region. It will neutralize the acid.

Furthermore, wash it with a soap as well as water. Slowly rub it with a solution or the water. It will soften the skin. You can also use an ice pack to soften the injured body part. You can also apply antiseptic or alcohol on biting part as well as bandage it. If the bite is close to your sensitive body area then immediately concern with a doctor.

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