How to choose perfect brushless motor like GoolRC S2430

Written by Mir Sarfaraz

Nowadays we all living with the technology of electric, it is very efficient. What should we look for when choosing the best brushless motor for RC cars when going market.

The important things you need to look is dimensions of the motor; you want to make sure that your motor fits your RC cars. The diameter of motor and length of the brushless motor and Also spacing from the center is also the essential factor when selecting a brushless to buy.

Another important thing on these motor is “T” stands for Turn, KV stands for rpm per volts, the higher the KV, the more speed or torque.

The turns directly correspond to KV and its kind of opposite to KV. The higher the KV you get more rpm that is the exact opposite for turns. The easiest way to think of the lower the turn, the higher the KV and the higher the turn, the lower the KV.

But all of us need a motor that gives us more speed, more power and has very high performance.

There is an enormous variety of brushless motor for RC cars, but GoolRC S2430 is the most efficient and best brushless motor.

Features of GoolRC S2430 brushless motor


As we mentioned above, we check the diameter of the motor that is it fitting well enough in our RC cars or not.

GoolRC S2430 is the beautiful brushless motor with accurate diameters and can fit comfortably in RC cars.

It is beautiful around CNC machined 6061 T6 billet aluminium heatsink can.

2mm shaft to one end and super high current silicon wires at another side.




the most interesting parts of the GoolRC S2430 brushless motor is that it has the fast response to throttle input, low voltage cut off protection, high anti interference capability.

It has the removable rotor, perfectly suitable for 1/18 and 1/16 RC cars.

ESC is also essential parts of any brushless motor. Well the ESC basically caters from the motor, you want to remember the motor always draws power from the ESC. So you want to get in ESC that is sufficient enough for the motor. Basically looking at the motor space, looking overall voltages, what type of continues and maximum burst AMPs that it wants. And choose the ESC that will provide for the motor. Remember ESC also giving power to your servos.

If we look at the ESC specification of GoolRC S2430, it is perfect what RC cars, needs.

It has Burst current: 90A / 10sec, Constant current: 25A, Battery: 2S Li-Po / 4-6S Ni-Mh and this is perfect for any RC cars.

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