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Clock Spider Arachnophobia And How To Overcome

Clock spider arachnophobia
Written by Faheem Jutt

Clock spider arachnophobia and how to overcome

Clock spider arachnophobia

Clock spider is a famous internet meme.  It is introduced and has become viral over the internet in the year 2003. A user of community forum has uploaded the three scary pictures of a huntsman spider. The all three images were scary and terrifying the people. Therefore people shared and search for it. The first image shows the hairy legs under a clock and the second image is of giant black hair spider. It looks horrifying and scary. The uploader of these three pictures named the huntsman spider the clock spider. The third one is also horrible and causing arachnophobia. Thus people feel the fear of spiders to watch these three pictures.

These pictures have been viral in the internet world. Many other people shared thousands of spiders other stories. Most of them relate to fear and horror. Therefore people take spiders are a horrible creator. The horror stories and images are the reason of arachnophobia. People think clock spider is a mysterious creator and like to live under wall clocks. Furthermore, people have also created gifts of spider including the scary gifts. The fear and horror ratio in human is approximately fifty percent women and the ten percent men. Thus people are suffering from arachnophobia.

Difference between Arachnophobia and general dislike

When you feel dislike and abhor of spiders, this is not arachnophobia. The arachnophobia is the severe feeling of horror. When you are feeling fear to see and talking about the spiders then you are fall in arachnophobia. In this case, you may cry and jump as well as try to rush from the place. Moreover, you will feel to get rid of the horrible creature as soon as possible. Clock spider is the funny name of huntsman spider but the pictures are horrible. Therefore people can have arachnophobia from spiders.

There are many other factors that confirm whether a person has arachnophobia. You have arachnophobia or not the following factors also clear it.

Massive and Continuous Horror

When you feel or see a scary spider at once anywhere, you try to jump on the nearest furniture or upstairs. More you may also try to jump and climb nearest safest place as quickly as possible. The giant spider with eight legs results and creates a rapid pulse rate and cause the sharp breathing.

Fearing response immediately

A clock spider near you causes an instant horror and depression of insecure feeling then you are in arachnophobia. Scary thinking and reading related to the spider are also cause a scary response. Fearing and crying to see the spider is also arachnophobia. The Clock spider is a common creature but it can create fear. Therefore watching spider and causing phobia is also another factor.

Excessive and psychological burden

Blonde girl and clock

Blonde girl and clock

The psychological effect in excessive form is also another factor. After watching spider and feeling the fearfull burden on your mind and heart is also another symptom. If you have such type of feeling it means you are in a trouble of clock spider phobia. Thus, you want to get rid of this animal.

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To get rid of clock spider fear or arachnophobia first systematic way of desensitization is needed. It is also named as an exposure therapy. This is the way of proper treatment related to fear. In it, patient fear is controlled in a proper manner.

First, think is to treat patient mind in relax and confident mode. Relaxation practices are possible for mind makeup. In it, negative thoughts and feeling are identified. One by one tries to remove them with a positive one. Make your mind that you are a human being and you are strong from all animal found on earth. Clock spider is not strong than human. We can easily kill and defeat the spiders.  Furthermore, you need to control your feeling and the breathing. Give margin to visualize yourself and relax your mind and control self- hypnosis.

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Do some practices just imagine the spider image in your mind until you feel less fear. This practice will help you to control your feeling and horror. In short, clock spider is not a giant it is a small creator.

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