Cucumber Lemon Water Recipe


Cucumber lemon water benefits force people to include this drink in their daily diet. Therefore cucumber and lemon water recipe are very popular. Cucumber is a very helpful vegetable. You can eat cucumber in a salad as well as use in drinks. If you want, to get maximum Cucumber benefits for weight loss add it in the lemon water.

Cucumber Lemon Water Recipe
Cucumber Lemon Water Recipe

Cucumber Lemon Water benefits

Cucumber and lemon water have a lot of benefits. Some of them are given below.

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It is best to keep your body hydrated.
Cucumber fights against heat including inside as well as outside the body.
Cucumber lemon water drink acts as a waste sweeping agent from your body.

Adds vitamin A and B. Cucumber is best for skin. Furthermore, it is also good to lose weight. You can’t ignore cucumber benefits for weight loss. Cucumber gives shine and also revives to eyes. Cucumber and lemon water have several skin benefits. In short, cut the risk of cancer disease just by including cucumber in the diet. Hence cucumber has a lot of benefits so mixing it in lemon water increases more health benefits. Lemon water and also cucumber is a perfect cool match. Cucumber is very helpful for blood pressure patients. It helps in controlling BP.

Most beauticians use Cucumber and lemon water in beauty tips. They also recommend drinking Cucumber Lemon Water daily gives the amazing glow to your skin. It also makes your skin healthy.

Cucumber lemon water recipe is a classic drink. Its taste is very soft and also liked by heart. Adding cucumber in the drink as well as in diet gives outstanding results.

How to make cucumber and lemon water recipe?

To make best cucumber lemon water recipe, take a fresh lemon and also a fresh cucumber. You can use warm water or simple water it’s up to you. If you want to lose weight then warm water is best. Put some slice of cucumber in water and also add one lemon juice in it. Cucumber must be fresh. Don’t use stored cucumber in the tin. You must cut a fresh slice when you make cucumber lemon water recipe. If you want to get cucumber benefits for weight loss drink it in the morning before eating. It will give you best result with lemon water.

Now, fresh cucumber lemon water drink is ready to serve. Remember, drink it in the morning for the best result.

You can also make the same drink in cold water but for cold water cut small pieces of cucumber or chop it to extract some fresh juice. Put the fresh juice of cucumber or chopped pieces it’s your choice. You can also add some salt in it. It’s your choice if you like it or not.

Dear friends share this healthy fresh cucumber lemon water recipe with your friends. Enjoy fresh healthy Cucumber and lemon water drinks with your family and also friends.


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