Detox Water Recipe

Detox water recipes are excellent natural stomach cleaning as well as weight loss drinks. Cucumber and lemon water with mint julep are a perfect body detoxification drink. Human body digestive problems need daily natural drinks. Especially when you feel nausea, weakness, dehydration, stress and other skin problems. Furthermore, Detox water cleans your body harmful wastes. It gives a glow and also skin to your face. Detox drink maintains your body shape by eliminating extra flat. Hence, therefore cucumber and lemon water mint julep drink are best to detox water.

Detox Water Recipe

How to make lemon cucumber mint julep recipe?

Cucumber and lemon water mint julep recipe are very easy to make. You need only four ingredients. Fresh cucumber, lemon, mint leaves, and water. First of all, take one glass of simple or warm water. Put one lemon fresh juice in the glass. Cut cucumber slice and put two or three slices in the glass. You can also chop cucumber slice to make it juicier and also flavored. Only two to three chopped slice in a glass in enough. Take four to five fresh mint leaves and put it in the glass. In addition, it is best to chop the mint leaves before putting it in water. Chopped mints leaves will make a drink more freshmen. As a result, it will give freshness to your mouth and also be breathing. Mix it well. Finally, now healthy and also fresh detox water drink is ready to serve.

Furthermore, in warm water, it will give you the best result. If you want to lose weight then warm water is best. Cucumber and lemon water mint julep drink will give excellent result when you drink it in the morning before eating. Drink it one hour before breakfast. It will clean your body from all harmful waste.

Hence, cucumber and lemon water mint julep recipe are a perfect drink to drink. It helps in body detoxification. It is also best to serve.

Lemon Cucumber Mint Julep Health Benefits

Cucumber and lemon water mint julep recipe have numerous health benefits. Lemon, cucumber, mint and also water are great gifts of God. Some health benefits are given here.

Lemon Benefits

Lemon juice has multiple health benefits as well as skin benefits. It is excellent detox water. It is also a very good weight loss assistant. Lemon is rich “Vitamin c” source. Thus it is very necessary for our health. Vitamin c boosts our immune system. It helps in food digestion. Furthermore, Lemon juice helps in cleaning our stomach from harmful wastes. Lemon juice is best to lose weight. In short, lemon is very necessary for our health and also skin. Lemon juice is an excellent body detoxification drink.

Cucumber Benefits

Cucumber has so many health benefits. It is a rich vitamin A and B source. Cucumber helps in digestion and also eliminates acidity from the stomach. Including it in daily life diet gives you spot less shiny skin. Therefore in skin care, it has special important. Eating in salad and also using it in drink both are very healthful. Cucumber safe us from dangerous diseases like cancer. Furthermore, Cucumber is excellent to make detox drinks. It also helps in losing weight.

Mint Julep Benefits

Mint julep is an amazing body detoxification drink. It has surprising health benefits. Mint julep eliminates acidity and also kills the germs. It is best for health and skin. Regular drinking it in your drinks stop hair falling. It also solves hair problems including hair fall, thinning hair, and dandruff. Mint julep is best natural skin irritation remedy lotion as well as drink. Boost your immune system. Furthermore, it fights against pain and also aches. Fresh mint leaves drinks give you acne free glowing skin. Help to get relief from infection and cough. It is also good in stress and depression.

Best weight loss julep recipe

Lemon cucumber mint julep recipe is best to detox water drink. It is also ideal natural drink to lose weight. Drinking it in the morning and in day timing reduces your weight fast. It is also very helpful to remove fat from the belly. Regular drinking Cucumber and lemon water with mint julep make your body slim and smart. As a result, it makes your body perfect shape look by eliminating extra fat. In short, it is a best weight loss julep recipe.

Excellent detox water recipe

Cucumber and lemon water with mint julep are an excellent detox water drink. It eliminates all harmful wastes from your stomach and body. Furthermore, it cleans your skin and also removes extra cholesterol from the body. Drinking it daily fresh your mind as well as the body.


Hi, Friends! Share Cucumber and lemon water mint julep recipe with your friends. Human body detoxification is very necessary for health. Share this natural detox water recipe. It is also an excellent natural weight loss drink.

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