Everything You Should know about Snoring Sleep Apnea

Snoring sleep apnea
Written by Mir Sarfaraz

Sleep apnea is kind of a medical sleep disorder which causes breath reducing by almost 25% of the normal breath in the night time, and mostly the person having sleep apnea problem cause breathing to stop for 2-3 seconds or more.

Loudly snoring, restless sleep, wake up suddenly because of a feeling of choking are the most common symptoms of sleep apnea. But some other medical symptoms indicate this medical sleeping disorder. Snoring sleep apnea is possibly the most common type of sleep apnea disorder which affects people.

Although it must be remembered, that normal snoring should not be equated with a sleep apnea disorder.

Snoring sleep apnea causes

There are a number of reasons that can cause a loud snoring in the night time. The primary and most common for this type of sleep apnea is when an obstruction in breathing that creates a loudly snoring.

It is because of the blockage of air flow from the nose into the mouth that snoring takes place and also results in pauses in breathing, dry throat and gasping or noises that sound like choking.

But some other factors could cause to snoring sleep apnea disorder are the large adenoids and tonsils, obesity, enlarged and soft tongue, congestion or nasal blockage, because of an allergy, cold, having tongue and throat muscles which relax  more than normal when a person is asleep due to use of medicine and sedatives, sometimes smoking, alcohol etc.

Risks involved in snoring sleep apnea that we must know about

The person suffers from snoring sleep apnea issue, he exposed himself to some other health risks. The main one being reduced amount of oxygen reaching the blood stream. As the person with this sleeping disorder stops taking a breath for few seconds, this oxygen reduction further affects the person’s brain.

Some health risks could be caused or exacerbated by these types of sleeping disorder including;

Some of the health risks that can be caused or compounded by this kind of sleeping disorder include:

  • High blood pressure
  • Strokes
  • Memory problems
  • Concentration issues
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Heart diseases
  • Irritability and mood swings

Snoring sleep apnea identification & cure

A person can not identify snoring sleep apnea as all these symptoms like snoring & resting when takes breathing while that person is sleeping. Although best thing to visiting your doctor or medical GP or any sleeping disorder specialist. If you visit, they are able to identify, whether you are suffering from this serious sleeping disorder with the help of some tests, other normal routine medical examination or you have just normal snoring from tiredness. This sleeping disorder can be treated very immediately once your doctor identified and started treatment, but some additional things can help you;

Stop the using of cigarettes, alcohol, sedatives, etc. as it can also create other serious health issues including snoring sleep apnea.  Losing weight, trying to maintain regular hours for sleep.

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Sleeping with your head elevated and on your side. Trying to open your nasal passages with the help of nose aspirators, saline sprays, etc.

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