Finally Farah Khan revealed the fact that why the King Khan, SRK, was missing from the waterfall scene of “Jiya Jale” song

farah khan and srk

You will be glad to know that the Farah Khan has just revealed the fact that why SRK was missing from the video of Jiya Jale song. Bollywood kind who is actually known for his flaunted abs and amazing acting skills. He also went shirtless in the famous song, “Dard E Disco” in the “Om-Shanti-Om” movie. This song was choreographed by the famous lay, Farah Khan. She also has a professional friendship with SRK.

She was interviewed on a Bollywood program named Mid-Day. She was in good mood and also revealed many facts related to her past life. She also revealed the fact of missing SRK from the song of Jiya Jale. This movie was produced by the Khan and many famous actresses of that time was also present with him.

She told that they were shooting in Kerala Jungle. SRK was supposed to wear a Dhoti for doing a waterfall scene with pretty Zinta. This was a romantic scene in the movie but SRK was absent from the scene. He lost his way in the Kerala Jungle and came back when the scene was shoot. This was one of the greatest experience in his life.

You can also witness this fact by listening the song Jiya Jale. Pretty Zinta will be seen alone under the waterfall but SRK will not be there. Apart from this, there were many other memories that Farah Khan shared with the host in Mid-Way program. If you want to get other gossips of Bollywood industry, then you have to subscribe the newsletter of this website. It will give you all the latest news and articles related to trending news all over the world.