Finally, Salman Khan has been sent to jail for poaching

Jodhpur court

One of the famous actor and superstar of Bollywood industry, Salman Khan has been sent behind the prison of jail for five years. The Jodhpur court gave him this punishment for illegal poaching. Salman Khan is also feeling guilty for this act but nothing can be done now. Now, he is going to spend next five years in the jail if he will not file a bail against this decision.

Bhawani Singh who is working as a public prosecutor told to reporters that Salman Khan can file a bail in the high court. In this situation, he will get a bail and the matter will go on and on. Another good news for Salman Khan is, if the appeal will be accepted by the Supreme Court, then the decision of Jodhpur court can be changed.

Salman Khan found guilty of killing 2 blackbucks in India. At that time, he was shooting one of his northwestern movie in the Rajasthan state. On this act, he was also fined 10000 Indian Rupees. That was also a heavy amount at that time. The lawyer of Salman Khan made an argument that he was only holding an air gun that he can’t use for shooting or hunting an antelope.

The other famous actors and actresses like Saif Ali Khan, Neelam Kothari, Tabu and Sonali Bendre were also charged heavily under the hunting act. But the great news for them is, they are not sent to the jail. They only have to pay the high charge amount that will be told later by the court.

Salman Khan is feeling guilty in the jail. That’s why he is looking for a bail. But let’s see what happens. If you want to enjoy the more news related to this decision, then just stay tuned here for all the latest and gossip news.