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Five Tips Before Buying A Recumbent Bike

Recumbent Bike
Written by Faheem Jutt

Almost every day, from the conversations with people who are interested in a recumbent bike, the route is usually very similar and with many points in common:

* Explain the difference between brands, between models,

* Explain the difference between the components,

* Dedicate a section to the budget that is available,

* Take into consideration the technical aspects, such as the final weight, distance between wheels, seat height, wheel size, type of brakes, types of lights, systems of changes and a long etcetera.

1 *** Height. It is definitely an aspect that will condition the model to choose.

The reclining world is configured in 15 cm separations. Measuring less than 170 cm separates us between the size S (Small) and the M (Medium). To surpass the 185 cm is to enter in the section L (Large). This is the case in most brands (with exceptions in complex seating systems), and this is already relativizing the choice of a bike.

Below 170 it will not be very comfortable to ride a bike with 26 “wheels unless the frame is Mid racer or Lowracer. Also be very tall, go into the terrain to start considering head restraints and an extension of the proper pedal tube (boom in English). Also the size of handlebars in large sizes is relevant if we choose an open (cockpit) or rigid bar handle model. Conclusion: stature counts, and is a subject that goes ahead of the geometry of the bike.

2 *** Space and transport (folding). Many times, in the midst of the excitement of choosing

testing a reclining or trike bike, we forget the space we have at home, the storage room or in the trunk of the car. We have to do the exercise of imagining ourselves with the model we like, in front of our home portal. Will it easily enter the elevator? Will it be nice to carry with it the seven floors up to the door of the house ?, and at home will it fit under the table ?, even folded? On the other hand, as far as displacements are concerned, the ways of transporting our future reclining bike, we have to imagine them for both short and long journeys.

And also the intermodality, consider if they will be valid to transport by train, bus or other means of transport that we may need in a cycling or simply urban crossing. Think about it and imagine the most common situations.

It will help you to discard options and to focus your search on models that are better suited to the circumstances of space and transportation. Click here

3 *** Face to the public. Get ready to talk to strangers.

Keep in mind that going on a recumbent bike is being exposed to being the center of attention wherever you go. Over time it is forgotten and becomes natural. But it is good to notice before. There will come a day that the saying “Breed fame and go to sleep”, you go as ring finger.

4 *** Kilometers in a year. The direct question is very simple:

how many miles per year do you plan to do with the reclining bike? 5000 km? 100 km? … Yes, I have also taken the pool bonus and used it only twice in The twelve months ahead. The same can happen with the bike that we are about to buy. If the use is extensive and long-distance, it is best to choose a bike with quality components, if possible with internal hub, Rohloff if the budget allows, and with a good Ventisit that allows us to perspire if we are going to throw so many hours On the bicycle or reclining tricycle.

If the use is for a weekend, we are at a more conservative point. You do not have to have the best Shimano or Sram group, as the simplest with proper maintenance will suffice. If the plan is to alternate the way of Santiago, with frequent departures on the weekends, something intermediate and adjusted to our needs is what to look for.

5 *** It’s not the same. Finally,

before getting on the bike of your dreams do not go with excessively high expectations. Almost everything we read about reclining bikes or tricycles is fantastic in terms of speed, comfort and fun. And it is true. But we must evolve slowly on the bike and tiptoe over the preconceived idea that we have in our head.

It will always be a good idea to allow time for our heart rate and muscles to reach that reclining cyclist’s image that we have just put ourselves in command of one. There will be times when we do not go as fast as we want, nor will we climb to the detailed pace that we have been warned (we will go really slowly), or maybe the grip of the handlebar creates something initial tension.

But everything happens, and we will get used to the bike after the first few kilometers. This idea is essential before making us a long term.

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