Health Benefits of Using the Bicycle

Health Benefits of Using the Bicycle
Written by Faheem Jutt

Gain health, stay in shape, enjoy nature, and tour the city at your pace. Using a bicycle is a good way to exercise. Every day more people use it to move around the city. Thanks to pedaling on your bike you are helping to keep your heart, muscles, and bones strong. Today we tell you more about the benefits of using the bike.

In many countries, cycling is the most popular transportation. Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, India etc. Cycling is usually one of the complete exercises for weight loss, and that brings benefits to our health since in its use and enjoyment we mobilize practically the whole body which helps us to keep in shape in a simple and fun way.

Bicycles conquer cities

  • The bike lanes are already in almost every city, and more and more people use their bike as a means to move around the city. A great idea as they arrive at their destination in an ecological way (without spending gas), without spending money and also burn calories.
  • The bicycle consists basically of a frame, two wheels, two pedals, chain and a handlebar, brakes, but also we can find them with marches, mudguards, reflectors, bell, basket and loads of accessories more at the cyclist’s taste.

Sixteen advantages of cycling

  1. Increases blood flow.
  2. Improves lung capacity.
  3. Reduces cholesterol levels in the blood.
  4. Decreases the percentage of fat in the body, it is an effective weapon to fight overweight.
  5. Improves physical capacity.
  6. You can practice with family, children, elderly, etc.
  7. It’s easy to practice and you can set your own pace.
  8. Increased motor coordination.
  9. It improves the recovery rate after exercise.
  10. It is beneficial for our cardiovascular system.
  11. Increases bone mass: makes bones stronger.
  12. It helps to improve the mood, it distracts the worries. It is recommended in states of stress and anxiety.
  13. Increases elasticity as well as a range of motion in joints.
  14. Can be practiced alone or in a group.
  15. You can practice in contact with nature.
  16. If you usually travel by bicycle you will save money on transportation and you will gain in health.


Riding a bicycle safely

  • No special clothing is required to ride a bike, only comfortable clothes, and suitable footwear. It is recommended to wear a helmet to protect the head, some knee pads to avoid injury if there are falls. It is recommended to wear a helmet to protect the head, some knee pads to avoid injury if there are falls. If you practice cycling at dusk and it is dark, it is very important to wear reflective clothing, as well as some reflective sticker on your bicycle. There is a lot of variety of reflective clothing, pants, shirts, raincoats, helmets. It’s for your safety, do not forget it.
  • If we go in a group and by road always march in a row to avoid abuses we remember that safety is a matter for everyone, cyclists, drivers or passers-by.

You can also use the best static bike at home or the gym, it is not so fun but if you get used to it it will be a good way to exercise, you can even be watching TV or listening to music.

Prices for bicycles

There is a wide range of prices for bicycles, you have them of various types and there is a great variety of prices from less than 200$ to more than 2000$. It is advisable to buy the bike in centers specialized in sports, as they will be able to advise you better and if you have a problem it is easier to give you a solution.

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