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How To Download Torrent Files With IDM

How to download torrent files with idm
Written by Faheem Jutt

IDM is the internet download manager. It is the best solution to increase the speed of torrent downloading. People can download all type of torrents with the help of IDM very easily and quickly. Movie lovers can also download all type of movies quickly. People that have slow internet downloading issues, this is the best solution to increase internet downloading speed.

Furthermore, you can download videos, any software, and other torrents files quickly. IDM is an ideal solution to manage multiple downloads at a time quickly. If you don’t know, how to download torrent files with IDM? Here is a complete guideline to download torrents speedily and directly.

The internet download manager IDM is very powerful Torrent downloading software. Thus, IDM is an awesome source to download torrents speedily and easily. This a speedy and quick way to download all type of heavy torrents files.

IDM Benefits For torrents downloading

You must know the super benefits of torrent files downloading with the use of IDM. Some of them are given below.

  1. Quickest way to download torrents.
  2. The easiest way to download torrent files.
  3. Downloading with IDM saves time.
  4. All downloading are anonymous.
  5. Multiple downloading at a high speed.
  6. It has not ISP (no network restriction).
  7. No need for configuration.
  8. It speeds up low internet downloading.

Download torrents without interruption

Downloading torrent is very fast and easy with IDM. Make sure IDM is installed on your computer. If not, first install IDM. You can easily download torrents files from best torrent sites with the help of IDM. There are many good sites that help you to download torrents without interruption. Here is a complete guideline. Learn how to download torrents files with IDM quickly and easily without interruption.

How to download torrents using Zbigz site

Zbigz is a website that is used to download torrent without interruption. If you have downloaded five hundred MB and 400 MB is remaining. Suddenly your internet is disconnected. Zbigz is the solution to this problem. It will continue from download from remaining. Thus you have no need to start downloading again in case of internet disconnection.

Website zbigz is a very helpful torrent downloading site with using IDM. It provides free and also paid account to users. In free account user can download 1GB data file with 150kbps downloading speed.

Following are the main steps to download torrent files using IDM.

  1. First of all, copy a magnetic link of the torrent file from the torrent site.
  2. Register or sign up on zbigz with an email address.
  3. After sign up or registration paste magnetic link in upload bar and click on upload
  4. After upload click on go button.
  5. Choose Free or premium option according to your choice and wait for some time.
  6. After it, click the download button.
  7. For multiple torrent files downloading choose the zip, option to download all files.
  8. Multiple torrents downloading upload one by one all magnetic links.

How to download torrents using Boxopus website

Boxopus has a very simple interface. You have to do registration in order to use the service. You can download with a torrent magnetic link. It also has dropbox for magnetic links store for future. This site provides both free and premium account. You can quickly download torrents using IDM.

Following is the step by step guideline to download torrents using IDM through Boxopus.

1- Register or sign up on Boxopus with an email account or Facebook account.
2- Upload magnetic link through add a new torrent.
3- After some minutes start downloading using IDM.

How to download torrents using Filestream site

File stream website is also a good site to download torrents using IDM. The user can get free and also paid account service.

Below are the main steps to download torrents using file stream site with the help of IDM.

1- Registered or sign up on file stream website.
2- Verified your account.
3- Login using username and password into your account.
4- Paste magnetic link in the upload bar and click on upload.
5- Wait for some seconds and click on download button.

Final words

Downloading torrent files was difficult. But with the help of these above-mentioned websites it has become very easy and quick. There are many websites over the internet. These sites help to download torrent files. The above-given sites are best among all torrent downloading sites. You can download all type of torrent files quickly and easily with these sites. The above-given websites are safe, secure and legal to download torrents quickly. Even if your internet speed is slow, you can download torrents quickly with the help of these sites. People can download all type of torrents including games torrents quickly and easily. Now torrent downloading has become very easy with the help of these safe sites.

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