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How To Get Verified On Twitter Without Being Famous

Ever wonder what that blue tick mark indicates on some Twitter profiles? It shows that user Twitter profile/account is verified. Businesses are generating leads and increasing conversion on Twitter. So if you don’t have a verified Twitter account, you might be losing prospects from the microblogging social network.

Let’s first check-out the benefits of a verified Twitter profile.

  1. Verified Twitter profile increases your account credibility, ultimately increasing engagement as well as creating new discussions which can lead to new customers and fan following.
  2. Verified Twitter accounts are distinguished in search results. So if you are a public figure, a celebrity, a politician or a sportsman, your verified Twitter account will be shown with a verified badge that distinguishes your account from other fake accounts.
  3. A verified Twitter handler shows higher in Twitter searches. This helps you gain new followers.
  4. Verified Twitter accounts also appear in search engines so if you don’t have a website or already have a website that is not ranking high enough in search results, your verified Twitter profile can still receive organic traffic.

There are many more advantages of verified Twitter accounts but above ones are most important ones.

Now, we had learned why we should have a verified Twitter account, let’s now move on to next steps where I will show you how to get verified on Twitter without being famous.

Before I teach you How To Get Verified On Twitter, please remember:

  • Twitter only verify selected accounts & with legit reasons like duplicate, fake accounts with your name etc.
  • Followers count doesn’t matter in getting verified on Twitter.
  • It’s upto Twitter to decide who get’s verified.
  • Verified account doesn’t mean that fake and dormant twitter handlers will be removed or new ones can’t be created.
  • Once you get verified, it doesn’t guarantee that your fan base or engagement on social network increases. This depend on the quality of content and information you share with your followers.
  • Your Twitter profile must have your full name, email, address, phone, birthday, profile picture.

How To Get Verified On Twitter?

Scroll down to learn more about how to get verified on Twitter. It’s pretty simple and straightforward if you follow Twitter Terms & Conditions.

  1. Login to your Twitter account.
  2. Click here to open How To Get Verified On Twitter form. You can learn more about verification and it’s FAQ by clicking here.
  3. You will see a input field with your user name already entered. If this is not the user name you want to verify, then logout and login with that username and click NEXT.
  4. Fourth, if you are not individual, then tick the checkbox on bottom left side of the above screen.
  5. If there is any information missing on your profile, please add it, else Twitter will again ask you to complete profile before moving forward.
  6. Now when you are finished adding missing information, enter some of the reference websites where Twitter review team can learn more about you, your appearances, news links or any other evidence proving your identity.
  7. In the next step, enter a reason why you think your account should be verified. I recommend that you add blurb demonstrating your public reach. And if you are verifying as a company account, then write your mission statement along with your expectations in terms of success after achieving this.
  8. Click NEXT and then click SUBMIT button to confirm your request to get verified Twitter account.
  9. Look for a DM (Direct Message) from Twitter verification department. If they feel your account should be verified, they will send you a link in DM. Click the link and follow instructions to complete How To Get Verified On Twitter application. Your account is verified once you follow instructions received from Twitter account verification department.
  10. If your request to get verified on Twitter is declined, you can submit the request again after 30 days.

NOTE: Try not to change account information or even your Twitter profile picture. This results in removing the blue verified badge, so you need to contact Twitter verification department again.
7 Points Checklist To Increase Chances Of Getting Verified On Twitter
Though above 10 steps will help in getting verified on Twitter but if you go through below checklist before requesting verified on Twitter, you are increasing your chances of getting noticed and verified quickly:

  1. Check your profile and fill the missing information like phone number, date of birth, profile image, header image and website.
  2. Make sure your Twitter name is exactly the same as your real name. Nick names will result in rejection of the application.
  3. Companies requesting for verified Twitter account can use their company or brand name.
  4. If you have a professional email address and your own web page. it will increase your chances of getting approved.
  5. Add Twitter Follow widget on your website. This increases your chances as well as helps your website visitors easily find you on Twitter.
  6. If you are also on other social networking websites like LinkedIn, Facebook, G+ etc, then link back to your Twitter profile.
  7. Post regularly on Twitter and when there is activity on your posts, engage with them.

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