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How to lose weight fast with natural weight loss methods

lose weight fast
Written by Faheem Jutt

lose weight fast

Lose weight fast with natural weight loss methods. Don’t take harmful pills to lose your weight. We are here to help you how you can lose your weight with natural weight lose methods. Adopt healthy weight lose methods. You have often read many articles on how to lose weight and how to remove extra belly fat etc. Furthermore, some are selling their products claiming you will lose weight fast this and that. Weight loss Pills and other products harm your health. If pills reduce your fat for time being on the other hand they will give you harmful health issues. Using pills can cause different dangerous diseases. You have to eat only natural fat burner foods. Healthy diet is very necessary to live a healthy life. Dieting is also harmful for your health. You must know the natural weight loss tips.

Here in this article you will learn how to lose weight fast with natural weight loss methods. You will learn how to lose weight with adding good healthy diets and drinks in your life. God has given us so many foods that can help you to lose weight fast. So don’t remain hungry to lose weight. Don’t use pills. You have to adopt some good habits and good foods to lose weight. Adopt these foods and habits to live smart healthy life. Regular use of the given foods and drinks has a lot of health benefits with permanent weight loss. These foods daily remove extra fat and harmful wastes from human body. You will remain fresh and healthy forever with smart ideal body.

Natural weight loss methods are best to lose weight and safe your health.


Drinking water play very important role in healthy life and also losing weight. Water drink recipes without sugar are best way to lose weight naturally. They act as a natural fat burner. How you can make these recipes and what is the best way to drink them to lose weight. Adopt to drink lemon water in the morning before breakfast. It will not only lose weight as well as daily eliminates extra fat, calories and also harmful wastes from your body. Lemon water works as a fast natural fat burner in your body.

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You must know the benefits of drinking lemon water.
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Weight lose delicious healthy lemon water recipes
Cucumber lemon water recipe

Lemon water mint julep recipe

Ginger root lemon water recipe

Weight Loss diet plans

Learn how to lose weight fast with diet plans.

Diets and weight loss has direct relation. Your weight is dependent on what you eat daily in your diet. In weight loss methods you must adopt correct weight loss programs. Your diets plans must contain lose weight ingredients and also food.

Furthermore, to check and also control yourself write down weekly diet plan. Your weekly weight loss programs must contain low calories and also cholesterol free healthy diets. Make list of foods that are cholesterol free and also include protein diets for weight loss.

You must also remove all weight gaining foods from your diet plans. Your daily diet is a main source to lose weight. You must check out on daily basis what you are eating and also stop eating junk foods. Oily Foods having high roast must be deleted in your diet plans. Adopt natural weight loss methods and include vegetables in your daily diet. In addition you must change your habits. First observe your habits neutrally and also change your all habits of eating snacks, junks foods, roasts etc. Adopt the habit to eat less than your hanger. Replace half of your hunger with drinks. It will work as a fat burner. It is good to drink one or two glass water before eating. In short, cut down sugar, starches, cholesterol and also oil from your life diets. To make healthy diet it is necessary. Live a healthy life.

Diet Plans Tips to Lose Weight

Morning exercise & lemon water

Morning exercise is very important for health as well as weight loss. Adopt habit of doing regular morning exercise and also drink warm lemon water before going to exercise. This is a fast fat burner method.

Use smaller plate to put meal

Put your meal in smaller plates and also eat slowly. Eating in smaller plates tend you to eat small amount of foods. Remember, if you want to lose weight fast then eat less and do exercise more a day.

Adopt slow eating

It is also proved stomach takes some time to tell the brain i am full. Eating slowly as well as in small plates fulfill your needs. Hence, after 20 minutes your brain feel the stomach is full.

Eat after hunger

When you feel hungry then eat. Don’t eat so many times a day. Breakfast, lunch and also dinner are enough to fulfill your hungry feeling.

Include high fiber foods in diets plan

High fiber foods give feeling of stomach fullness. It is excellent to lose weight. Including fiber vegetables in diet is considered in best natural weight loss methods. When you eat high fiber foods you will never feel weakness. High fiber foods without oil make healthy diets.

Cut down alcohol

Alcohol contains high calories. Therefore cut down Alcohol from your drinks.

Stop junk food eating

Don’t purchase junk food because it will avoid eating temptation. Don’t eat junk food.

Diet plans programs

Adopt good weight loss programs that don’t harm your health. Your diets plans must lose weight not the health. Plan your daily or weekly breakfast, lunch and also dinner and remove all weight gaining foods. You must include fruits and also vegetables in your diets. Include natural fat burner recipes in your daily food. Leave oily high cholesterol foods and focus of managing daily diet with natural weight loss methods.

Fish food diets

Fish is a full of minerals and also vitamins food. It is a rich source of nutrient, protein and also vitamin D. It is a low cholesterol food. Including fish food in your diet plan is healthy. It also helps in reducing fat. Fish fulfill your meat needs. Sea food, trout, shrimps, salmon and also lobster fish foods are best protein source for your body.

Select low-carb foods

You must avoid starch and also sugar. Don’t include sweet foods in your diets plan. Fruits are enough for you to give sugar to your body. Select low-carb foods in weight loss programs.

Weight loss diets

Monitor all your diets and replace fast and also oily food with lose weight foods. Fruits, vegetables, green herbs and also fish foods are best healthy diet for weight loss.

Vegetables diets

In weight loss programs, when you talk about healthy diets vegetables recipes have special importance. In American clinical nutrition study, it has been proved obese women reduce weight to eat vegetables. Veggies diets have low calories. Eating vegetable food is also included in best natural weight loss methods. It also has zero cholesterol. Oil free steamed or boiled veggies recipes also give best results.

Furthermore, include beans in your weekly diet plans. Chick peas, split peas, kidney beans and also lentils are high nutrients as well as protein veggie foods. Learn veggies and also beans together cooking recipes. Cook your food at home to control fat, oil and also other healthy diet elements.

In short, to lose weight you also have to decrease calorie level in your daily diet plans. Reducing five hundred calories in your daily diet means lose one pound a week. Spinach, carrots, kale, cucumber, broccoli, green beans, Onions, celery, peppers, beets, eggplant and also mushrooms are non-starch vegetables. All these are good to include in your weight loss diet plans.

Fruits diets

Eating fruits in your lunch or dinner is also best way to lose weight. Before eating fruits or vegetables you must keep in mind excess of everything is bad. You must focus on the aim to burn your body fats. So you thus have to manage your diet plans. Don’t eat all fruits one time manage all fruit wisely in your weekly diet plan. Obese people take care to leave your stomach half empty. They must eat one verity fruit in daily diet plan. Life today your plan is to eat fruit in the dinner. Select one apple and a one piece of fish in your dinner.

Furthermore, berries are good nutrients fruits. Blue berries, black berries and also rasp berries are low sugar fruits. They are good to include in your weekly natural weight loss methods diet plans. Mangos and also bananas are good sugar fruits rather than berries. If you want to burn your fat avoid mangos and also bananas. You can also eat avocado. Therefore, it is also good fat burner fruit.

Some people say fruits don’t lose weight. It is not good to say. I have personal experience eating fruits is good to lose your weight fast. But you have to control your habit. If you eat a lot then you will not get result. Stop over eating and manage your diet plan strictly. Don’t drink fruit juices. Only eat fruit one time in your lunch or in dinner daily.

In short, if you eat one kg or half kg fruits your fat will not burn. You will not get results. You must manage your diet. Therefore, make a small plate of some fruits like put three slice of apple, some grapes and also some berries. In addition, start eating slowly and also enjoy the taste of fruits. Thus, it is a good way to control you eating.

Water is the best drink

You must drink plenty of water. It is best to drink warm water. Add detox water drink in your drink and also drink detox water two to three times a day. Warm lemon water is best. It will react as a fat burner. Regular drinking warm lemon water eliminates extra fat from your body. It is also good to remove belly fat. Lemon and warm water is also included in fast natural weight loss methods.

Stop taking pills

Pills can lose your weight for time being. They can harm your health and also cause dangerous diseases. Pills can also damage your stomach. The key to lose weight is your diet plan with natural weight loss methods. Remove harmful and weight gaining foods from your diets. Adopt balance and also healthy diet plans.

Keep in mind your weight loss programs must be according to your need how much weight you have to lose. People may have to lose 2kg 4kg or 6kg or 8kg or 10 kg etc. Your diet plans must be correct according to your lose weight needs. If you have to lose 2 kg to 4kg weight, then above lemon water drinks in morning time is enough. You just need healthy diets plans without cholesterol. Regular morning exercise will fit your body.

Furthermore, if you have to lose 6kg to 8kg weight, then strict your diet plans. Remove high cholesterol food as well as replace your food with fruits. Don’t eat a lot of fruit just eat to fulfill your half hunger. Like eat one apple and two bananas with some grapes. Drink lemon water in morning time and also two to three times in day timing after two to three hour gaps. Regular morning exercise is very important.

10kg to more weight loss needs your keen attention. You also need to strict your diets plan as well as your exercise plan. Join regular gym and also do regular weight loss exercises. Morning exercise is also essential for you. Your diet plan must have lemon water drinks as well as green tea. Remove all cholesterol foods and also foods that full you. Drink more water before eating. Drink warm lemon water in the morning before exercise. Don’t eat heavy and oily foods. Warm lemon water is an ideal natural fat burner drink.

In short, your diets plan must not contain high calories as well as cholesterol food. Leave yourself half hungry. You have to change over eating habits. Don’t eat until you feel good hunger. Don’t drink juices and sweet foods. Use vegetables foods in your diets plans. Strictly monitor your daily diets plans and change all foods with weight loss programs diet. Check your weight after 4 to 5 days or weekly with weight machine.

Diet Plans rules to weight loss fast

People who want to lose weight fast must adopt the technique of daily and weekly diet plans selection. They also monitor it on daily basis. Your body mass must be according to your high and also age. Therefore your body must have balance BMI (body mass index).

You can calculate your BMI with this simple formula.

BMI= kg/m2

Weight in kg and height in meters (1 meter has 3.28084 feet)

This is WHO (World Health Organization) standard formula to calculate human BMI. People use it to clarify overweight and also obesity ratio in the body.


18.5-25 Normal

25-30 Overweight

30-40— obesity

Calculate your BMI and match with the given standard BMI. It will help you how much weight you have to lose. Hence, in the above 18.5 to 25 is normal. You must plan diet to achieve your ideal figure with normal BMI.

First start diet Plans from your daily eating times. Everybody knows there are three times a day to eat. These are breakfast, lunch and also dinner. If you want to lose weight fast you must have full control on your diets. In short, you should know. What is good for your health and also what is bad for your health. Plan your daily meal according to your needs. How much you have to weight loss to get normal BMI and also healthy life.

Here we have discussed three main times a day to eat food. Don’t remain hungry to lose weight. You have to adopt daily diet plan in order to achieve your goal. Learn how to lose weight with healthy diet natural weight loss programs.

Breakfast to lose weight

Breakfast is very necessary to live a healthy life. But it must be good for your health. Some people stop eating breakfast and go on dieting. It’s not good to do this. Such type of weight loss programs will cause acidity in your stomach. You must do light breakfast like an egg without yolk and an apple. After this a green tea cup is enough. Plan light breakfast without fat and oil cooked foods. In addition, remember to drink lemon water in the morning time before exercise. It will give you fast weight loss results.

Lunch to lose weight

Lunch is also very important for your health. Eat vegetable salad including high fiber vegetable. Don’t cook the vegetable in oil. Try to make fresh vegetable salad. You can boil the vegetable and make salad. Learn different recipes of vegetable salad. Add these recipes in your daily as well as weekly lunch diet plan. Vegetables are great source to lose weight without remaining hungry. Vegetables salad is best natural fat burner food. You must include other vegetables healthy diet recipes in your weekly lunch diet plan.

Your lunch must not contain many dishes. One is enough because you have to lose weight. Control your habit to eat a lot. You must leave your stomach half empty. It is best to drink one or two glass of water before lunch. Eat less than your hunger. Stop to eat oily and cooked foods. Don’t bring food from market or shops. Boil chicken and beans recipes you can also include in your dinner diet pan. Fruits are also good to include in your dinner. You keep in mind eat less than your hunger. Drink lemon water after half an hour of dinner.

Dinner to lose weight

If you have eaten vegetables in lunch then you have to eat fruits in dinner. Eat fruits what you like and a glass of milk without fat is enough. Remember to leave your stomach half empty. Take one cup of Green tea with lemon juice some drops after one hour of dinner. You can also drink one glass of lemon water. When you drink lemon water don’t drink milk in dinner. You can replace milk with one or two pieces of fish food.

Your daily and also weekly diet plans must fulfill your weight loss programs. Stop over eating and also stop eating many times a day. Three times a day is enough. Whole day after half an hour drink warn water or simple water as you like. Lemon water drink three times a day is enough. You must know excess of very thing is bad. Eat balance and also healthy diets in your life after getting normal BMI. Your diets contain vegetables and also fruits. Adopt natural weight loss methods and control your habit of over eating. Green vegetables and also fish without oil are best natural fat burner food. Healthy diet means ideal oil free food.

Exercise & Weight Loss

Learn how to lose weight fast with exercise.
Exercise plays a vital role in losing weight. Healthy and also obese people both have to do exercise. It is essential for blood circulation and also fat burning. There are so many exercises you can do. According to BMI and health condition you need different type of exercises.

Simple exercising to lose weight fast

You can lose two to three pounds a week with help of some simple weight loss exercises.

Weight loss exercises at home

You have to strictly control your diet. Adopt weight loss diet plan as well as exercise plan simultaneously. As a result, you will lose weight fast. Remember to drink a one glass of warm lemon water before exercise. It will help you to burn fat fast. It is good to drink half an hour before doing exercise. There are also some excellent belly fat exercises to remove extra fat from your belly.

Belly fat exercises to lose belly fat at home

The topic is how you can lose weight fast with natural weight loss methods. Keep in mind without exercise you can’t fit your body. Thus this is important to say you can’t get fast weight loss results without exercise. Therefore adopt the habit of doing exercise daily. Morning exercise is essential for life as well as to lose weight. What type of exercise you have to do is depend on how much weight you have to lose. Exercise is a best fat burner.

General and routine exercises to lose weight fast

There are top ten most effective exercises you can do in morning and in routine life. These are whole body fast fat burning exercises. You must include in your weight loss programs in order to get fast weight loss results. You can choose any one for daily routine exercising to lose weight fast.

Walking is a simple and effective exercise. This exercise doesn’t require gym and any equipment. Walking is a good weight loss and health exercise. It is good for body and mental health. Especially morning walk. One hour morning walk keeps your health and brain fit. It is also excellent for heart.

Running is a fast fat burner exercise. It burns more than six hundreds calories per hour. Therefore you must include it in weight loss programs plan. It also helps to make bones strong. Running is excellent for heart health. It prevents blood clouting in veins and other body parts. Regular running has many health benefits including lose weight fast. Therefore walking and running both must be considered in your fast weight loss methods for quick results.

Jogging is an excellent full body exercise. It also boosts your metabolism. Jogging is an ideal exercise to burn extra calories. Regular jogging few kilometers daily keeps your health fit. Furthermore, it is very necessary for heart health. Therefore, you must include jogging in your daily weight loss programs. Regular jogging in morning is best to lose weight fast and keep you fit.

Cycling is a wonderful exercise for body fitness. This exercise acts as a fast fat burner for back, belly, hips and thighs body parts. Cycling is best exercise for busy people. You have no time to do exercise, no problem. Go to your office and anywhere on cycle. Stop driving car and start riding cycle.

You will get amazing result when you regularly ride cycle one an hour. Cycling burns more than thousand calories per hour. Obese people that can’t run must ride cycle to lose weight fast. Furthermore, it burn extra fat from body and increase circulation. Cycling is also very good for joints and muscles. Wise people include this exercise in their fast weight loss methods to get fast result. People that regularly ride cycle don’t get extra fat on their body. Regular cycling eliminates extra fat continuously. Therefore extra fat is not gathered no body. As a result, you remain slim and smart.

Swimming burns high calories in an hour. This is also very effective to shape your body. It is a whole body exercise that equally effective for all parts of body. All swimming exercises tone as well as condition the body. It is very effective for body shaping. Thus, women and girls must do this exercise to shape their bodies. Especially obese women must do it on daily basis one an hour. They must include swimming in fast weight loss methods plan. The women who want to remove belly fat must swimming daily. This exercise acts as a fast fat burner for belly and also whole body. As a result, swimming is a best body fitness exercise. All type of swimming exercises help to lose weight fast. Therefore you must include swimming in your weight loss programs.

Jumping Rope
Jumping rope is a favorite game of children. Do you know? It is very effective fat burner exercise. Regularly jumping ten to twelve minutes burn high calories from human body. It is also good for legs, arms, bones and joints. Jumping rope 15 to 20 minutes with a gap of one minute gives quick results. Jumping rope is included in fast weight loss methods.

Dancing is a fun and relaxing act. It is also excellent body tone up exercise and very helpful for burning calories. Belly dance is very good to shape your hips and remove extra fat from belly. If you want to lose weight fast and love to dance. This is an awesome combination dance as much as you like. It will act as a fast fat burner. Dancing raise body heartbeat and increase blood circulation. Therefore add dancing in your daily and weekly weight loss programs plan.

Tennis is not only a good game. It is also an excellent exercise. Tennis is a partner exercise. If you like to do exercise with your partner, this is best for you. Have fun and exercise together. This exercise helps in burning high calories per hour. You can lose weight fast with the company of your partner. Thus, it is a good enjoyment and exercise. Therefore, you must include it in your daily fast weight loss methods plan.

Badminton is also a good partner exercise. It is also very good to get fast weight loss results. Badminton is a whole body exercise and gives very good fat burning results. Therefore if you like to play badminton then must play to remove extra fat from whole body.

Yard Work
Gardening is not only a hobby. It is an excellent exercise. Yard work helps to burn extra calories from body. It removes extra fat from muscles and other body parts. If you want to do productive exercise then yard work is best for you. Do yard work and burn high calories in an hour. People who love plants and greenery this is ideal exercise for them. Regular gardening work helps to lose weight fast.
All the above ten exercises are general and routine exercises. You can include in your weekly weight loss programs.

Furthermore, exercise has so many benefits that dieting doesn’t has. It eliminates extra calories from your body. In addition, exercise boosts the metabolism and also acts as a fat burner for your body. Daily exercise shapes your body and also firms your body. Dieting doesn’t give such amazing results. It also helps in lose weight fast process.

Your exercise plan depends on how much weight your body has to lose. Therefore, according to your BMI your exercise plan is decided. If you want to lose weight fast you have to join gym. Your diet plans must be according to your desire results. It means you must eat right diets in a right quantities as well as at right times. In the same way you have to make right exercise plan to achieve your targeted goal.

In short, exercise has amazing health result. It is as much important as breathing to live a life. Exercise reprograms your body DNA.

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