How to quit smoking quickly and safely?

quit smoking
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Smoking is not only a physical addiction but it is also a psychological habit. The toxin – which is majorly nicotine found in cigarettes can cause addiction when utilizing with high amount on a frequent basis. Sudden elimination of nicotine from your body will lead your body to suffer from withdraw symptoms as well as cravings. Due to the effect that nicotine cause to brain, most people rely on cigarette to escape from depression, anxiety and stress. Moreover, smoking habit can be caused by daily ritual. It may be inevitable results of the habit of consuming a cigarette with a cup of coffee in the morning, or taking a break from work. Therefore, in order to be successful in quitting smoking, the addiction as well as the habits need to be eliminated completely.

quit smoking

You might take a look at the steps of a plan to check whether which one is suitable for you and your body condition because as you know, quitting smoking is not an easy job. It may require the help from outsiders, relatives and mostly it relies on your determination and the effectiveness of your plan.

Step 1: Have a meticulous and pretty specific plan

Apparently, quitting smoking is a general goal that every readers of this article is seeking for, however, you might need to be more specific about step by step of the plan itself. So take a look at those methods.

  1. Cold turkey

Known as one of the most common method to quit smoking (approximately 90% of smokers claim that this is the first method to try) however, this is one of the most difficult method to give up smoking. Cold turkey means you have to rely on yourself to quit smoking – no aid, no medication, no outsiders help. Since it all relies on yourself and your will to complete, it is not very well effective method. It is reported that about 4 – 7% ever try this method will be able to quit smoking completely.

  1. Behavioral therapy

As mentioned before, smoking may be the automatic response of a cup of coffee in the morning or the break between working, therefore, you should seek help from a counsellor and may work out the triggers (the reason or the situation that you might want to smoke). Subsequently, you will create a plan to get rid of the cravings, thus, you can quit smoking gradually.

  1. Nicotine replacement

This method is to help you replace the nicotine consumption by intake of nicotine patches, sprays or nicotine gum instead of smoking tobacco and inhaling toxic substance. This will work best when it is combined with other methods such as behavioral therapy and it requires great support from your relatives and your surrounding people. However, the goal is to eliminate your nicotine addiction not just quit consuming tobacco therefore, you might not be keen on this method very well.

  1. Combination of methods

Adopting a combination of therapies might be the most effective way since it can raise the chances of giving up smoking. In fact, the combination of nicotine patch and gum will be better off than just using the patch alone. Other combination of therapies that you may concern will be nicotine replacement and behavioral therapy; nicotine replacement patch and the nicotine spray. However, you might need consult your doctor before approaching to these methods since this requires the high approval from doctors.

quit smoking

Step 2: Stick tightly with your plan

Please remember that you have to stay on track no matter how hard it is because things will get tough especially on the first few days you start. However, think about the future and gradually get used to the smoke – free life – which obviously a better life.

  1. Understand the reason you smoke and stay away from them at the early stage

Work out the triggers and the situations when you choose to smoke and write them down. Subsequently, you can produce solutions of how to get rid of them or you can seek help from a counsellor who can effectively support you. The most important thing to remember is to avoid those situations that will trigger your craving as much as you can especially during your first 3 months because this is when you most likely to begin smoking again.

  1. Know that the earlier the stage is, the harder effort you need to put in

At the very first few days, you will probably feel uncomfortable, stress, slow and very irritated, especially you choose to quit it on your own – cold turkey method. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you have a supportive quit – smoking available. A good friend or a quit line that you can seek out immediately when you need their help will be one of the most effective way to quit smoking. At first, things are tough however, you will feel more normal and more adaptive to the smoke – free life even though sometimes the cigarettes cravings will be still existent).

  1. Change your daily habits especially those related to smoking

You might need to adapt to a new habit gradually if you want to get rid of the cigarettes cravings. Take up a new hobby with good friends that do not smoke. And you should keep yourself busy so that those withdrawal symptoms won’t disturb you anymore. Whenever you start your cravings, instead of picking those toxic tobacco pack, try to chew carrot sticks or chewing – gum since they are able to help you forget the cravings and the withdrawal symptoms. Change your daily habits, replace these old habits related to smoking with new healthy lifestyles that can eventually lead you to the success quicker.

Step 4: Is this really hard to give up smoking?

The answer is that it all rely on each person’s situation, for example, the amount of cigarettes you consume daily and the reason you choose to smoke. It might depend on whether your friend and family smoke or not. However, think about the positive side that giving up smoking offers you. Your heart rate, blood pressure as well as body condition will return back to healthy level. Quitting will support your entire body condition. You will not only save much more money but you can possess lesser chance of getting wrinkles as well. So give it a try to walk into a healthier life.


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