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How To Verify Youtube Channel or Account

Verifying Youtube account as well as channel mean your content is more authentic and also informative for end users. This ultimately increases views and hence monetization level increases as well.

In this article, I will share types of Youtube verifications and:

How To Verify Youtube Account?
How To Verify Youtube Name?

Why did I mention above as two different entities? Some people think Youtube account and Youtube name are same, so if they verify one, they will have the other one verified automatically. However, it’s not the case. First, we will learn how to verify Youtube account and then followed by step by step guidelines on How to verify Youtube channel.

Let’s start with steps to:

Verify Youtube account

Verifying Youtube account notifications pop up every time you use Youtube video manager. Youtube requires valid mobile phone number where Youtube can send a verification code via text message (SMS). You will need to enter this code on Youtube website to complete account verification process. As per Youtube Terms and Policy, they use your phone number just to make sure that you are not a spammer. This number is used for verification purposes only.

Benefits Of Verified Youtube Account

Once you finished verifying your Youtube account, you will gain access to other sections of the member’s area. It is including but not limited to:

Ability to upload videos longer than 15 minutes.
Appeal against copyright claims.
Use of custom thumbnails.

Verify Youtube Name

Now, you have learned about Youtube account verification process. We can now move on to verifying youtube name.

Verifying a Youtube name places a little tick symbol next to your Youtube channel. Letting viewers know that this is the official profile, a page representing the brand. Just like verified Twitter profile or also a Facebook verified profile, Youtube verified channels are a symbol of authenticity. It also tells viewers that the channel belongs to the official representative of the brand. It is also a brand itself and not someone running fake accounts.

Brands and also channel owners are searching for alternative. They also search tutorials on how to verify Youtube channel. But Google has very strict policy and there is nothing a channel owner can do to manually request verification.

Google reviews channels based on varying factors to shortlist eligible for the verified mark. The catch is that those channels who are eligible need nothing to do because they automatically get verification instructions from Google.

Four Points Checklist To Increase Chances Of Receiving Youtube Verification Tick
Connect your Youtube channel with Google plus page or also Google profile.
Authorize your G-plus page / profile with your brand or company or product details.
G-plus page must contain your company verified website URL. Click here to learn how to verify company URL on your G-plus page.

Channel must have a good number of followers.
Link your website from Youtube channel by visiting Channel settings and then associated website.

Since there is nothing you can do to initiate the process to verify Youtube channel. Just wait and see when Google picks your channel for verification. But again, do your homework and also leave rest to Google & Youtube verification system.

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