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huntsman spider
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 huntsman spider

Huntsman spider is the Sparassidae family large specimen. It is also known as the name of wood spider. Over the internet they are famous with the name of clock spider. Most of them love to live in woody places. Therefore in Australia, they are also known as woody specimens. They commonly found in or inhabited under the woods roof, trees etc. Most of the huntsman spiders are harmless but some of them can harm the humans. Their bites can cause redness, swelling and also allergy. The victim can also feel pain, vomiting, nausea, headache etc. Therefore if someone has faced that problem, he or she must concern with a doctor.

Well known Groups of Huntsman spider

Common and also the famous groups of huntsman spiders are the following.

  1. Holconia is the banded spiders.
  2. Delena is the flat body spiders.
  3. Heteropoda is the tropical and the brown spiders.
  4. Isopoda and Isopedella common and the famous.
  5. Neosparassus has known with the common name as Shield or the badge huntsman spider.

These are the main groups. They mostly inhabit in a warm area of the world.

Physical Appearance of Huntsman Spider

Most of the huntsman spiders have gray to brown body colors. Commonly found kind of these spiders has flattery bodies. They possess eight eyes at the upper head side. In addition, they have large body size with long eight legs. Their legs have banded shape that can have fifteen cm measuring length approximately.
Salticidae species are the jumping spiders. They are faster than the other spiders. They can detect things, animals and also humans from big distances.

The Badge and the brown kind of huntsman spiders have less flatten body shapes. As compare to the other types of spiders their body has less flattened shape.
Another kind of spider is the tropical huntsman spider. They look large in body with mottled black, white and also brown markings lines.

Badge holconia huntsman spiders are the large kind with a hairy body. They can bite the human and it can cause swelling with pain. Furthermore, the patient may feel a headache, nausea or vomiting.

Where Huntsman Spider Live and Webs?

The warm region of the world like Africa, Namib Desert, Asia are the favorable living places for these spiders. Florida, Americas, Australia, Hawaii, New Zealand, Puerto Rico and Mediterranean are also living areas of different kind of spiders. Moreover, Japan, China, South America, Philippines are also in good inhabit living places of them.

Huntsman spiders hunt the prey. They don’t build the webs. Two years is the average approximately age of a spider.

They love to live under the woody places including trees, loose bark, rocks and under rocks.
Huntsman Spider Eating and Foods

Most huntsman spiders love to eat insects, cockroaches, and different invertebrates etc. they also have the habit of feeding. Therefore, these are also included in the list of arthropod feeders. So, they are also called insectivorous as well as carnivorous.

Mating and The Fertility of Huntsman Spider

Huntsman spider have a strong power of doing sex. They do sex for several hours. Therefore they are the most romantic Sparassidae. Thus a female lay more than two hundreds eggs.

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