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Indian Censor board declared the Padmavati clear with the demand of certain changes

Written by Tayyab Sheikh

Padmavati was initially scheduled to release in United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom. There release dates were 30 November and 1 December respectively. But the director checked the release till the permition of CBFC. Now the Padmavati outrage is show it down on the side of Indian Censor Board. Board has announced to clear the film on the behalf that if they could possibly make these modifications. Read below the final decision of Padmavati release.


Public Respose

If we talk about the initial schedule of “Padmavati” the response from the side of social media seem unexpected. Public conveyed brutal reaction on the release of controversial film “Padmavati” and also some suicidal cases are present which proved hurdle for doubtable film.

This criticism arose because of shooting against the honor of Hindu Queen Padmavati and also unavailability enough evidence about the history of Queen. The director of movie told in the interview that the people tried to attack on him multiple times. While the star cast of the movie deepika padukone had to face threat calls to drop her role for film. Otherwise she has to face something serious.

Final Declaration

Now the maker convinced to deduct some shots and modify the title of the movie from “Padmavati” to “Padmavat”. On these minor changes they will be able to get UA certificate. The chairman of the committee declared it in the meeting.


Alternate adjustments are incorporating a disclaimer in the beginning, tending to the worries also expressly specifying that the motion picture, not the slightest bit, extols self-immolation or the act of Sati. In agreement to that, important changes in the song.

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