Jhuma Boudi Is Coming Soon With Monalisa

Jhuma Boudi Is Coming Soon With Monalisa

Monalisa Bigg Boss Famed now coming in Boudi Hoicho Dupper Thakurpo’s season 2. Duppur Thakurpo is the place of young boys. They are Impressed and also attracted to the famous woman living in the neighborhood. Monalisa is the perfect choice to play Jhuma Boudi leading role.

In the Bengali market, six months earlier Hoichoi original series was launched. Duppur Thakurpo popular show includes the B-town top actor Swastika Chatterjee. This comedy quirky and adult role became quickly famous. Now the same platform is announcing the series of the second season. sIt roped the Monalisa Bigg Boss fame. Thus she is playing the leading role in Jhuma Boudi. She has a sexy and glamorous personality to suits this role best. More, she also has innocent and funny attributes in herself.

More the makers of the Swastika thinking to rope the equally famous and popular one. As Mona was in the Bhojpuri main star. She became popular as a nationwide star because of Bigg Boss and also Nach Balliye. Now the whole team is hoping that their series will gain wider response from the audience.

Mona said, she became so excited to see them to approach her for this role. After this, she said, for making this role hit she discussed in detail about acting.

In the role, Jhuma is so simple but looking glamorous. She shows her adaayein and uses attractive way of talking. Her way and personality catch young boys and they become crazy for her.

Mona real name is the Antara Biswas and she is Bengali. She was also talked about her own belonging city. When she was coming back to Kolkatta she said it happened for the first time she is her for acting. Moreover, she said about Bengali industry. She always feels fascinated with the industry of Bengali. Finally, at the end she said her dream become true to play such type of role. So, she is very surprised and also excited.

Here is the Promo to watch the Jhuma (Monalisa)

As it is the story of a Dupur Thakurpo where popular woman lives. This area young boys are attracted toward her. The main actors in this playing drama are the following. Apratin Chatterjee, Soumendra, Majumder, Kartikey, Taufeq Ahmed.

Mona has also said, this show will definitely hit one after the Swastika. She also said will try my best to make it a hit one. More, the boys playing in it are also naughty in their real life.

The shooting of this drama show will start from the 9th April. Its series will begin to stream next month.

The team will begin shooting from April 9 and the series will start streaming by next month.