Katrina Kaif Shared Upcoming Zero Movie On-Set Photos: She Is Looking Resplendent Bengali Bride

Katrina Kaif Shared Upcoming Zero Movie

katrina kaif zero movie 2018

Anand L Rai upcoming movie Zero main cast is Shahrukh Khan and Katrina Kaif. They now started to promote the movie with sharing their close photos on Instagram. Now they remain on the set of filming. They shared behind the camera their own photos. This attitude increased the more excitement in audience and their lovers.

katrina kaif zero movie 02

In this upcoming film, Shahrukh is playing the role of a challenging man. Katrina is playing the role of a Bengali girl. She shared her Bengali bride picture on Instagram. Her lovers after watching these photos started to pass praises and admiring her beauty.

katrina kaif zero movie 03

Now many photos of the zero film set are sharing on social media. The sharing of these on-set photos have caused confusion about her role in the movie. But soon director of this movie will reveal her actual appearance in this movie. Shahrukh also shared photos during the shooting of Zero movie in Mumbai.

katrina kaif zero movie 04


katrina kaif zero movie 05

Katrina also shared her bejeweled another look from the Zero movie set. She is looking in this photo royal traditional.

katrina kaif zero movie 06

Aanand said about Katrina, she is easy going girl. A few days back with sharing this Photo. He said about Katrina, she is joyful and also an affectionate girl. More, he also thanks her for fun, ease and also entertaining during the shooting. He also prayed for her, Stay blessed and happy Katrina.

katrina kaif zero movie 07

As Katrina is the Shahrukh Khan social media manager. Therefore she selected an easy way to promote their upcoming movie.

Katrina Kaif is the Bollywood famous actress. People liked her acting and also beauty. Therefore her fans and lovers are waiting to watch upcoming Zero movie. Her attitude, influenced them to discuss and also share her pictures with each other.

Shahrukh Khan and Katrina both are playing the leading roles in this movie Thus, sharing these on-set photos on social media have created more enjoyment and excitement for her fans.