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How to lose weight fast: Healthy Proven Tips by Experts

weight lose
Written by Angie

If you are looking to lose weight fast, then you might have come across various ways that even promise to help you lose weight in days. However, these methods might not be helpful or healthy. In this article, I am going to give you best effective and healthy tips that will make the journey worthwhile.

The plan will use three major tips to and they include;

  • Reduction of sugar and starches in mealslose weight
  • High intake of Veggies, Fat and Proteins
  • Exercises

1. Reduction of sugars and starches

Every Time you eat sugars and starches, your body produces insulin. Insulin as a hormone works as a fat storage in the body. So, whenever the level of insulin is high in the body,it is hard to eliminate the fats ingested as food.

Reducing your sugars and starches in your diet, will enable low production of insulin which in return will help reduce your appetite hence loosing your weight in a more healthy way.

What is a low-carb diet?

Well, you have heard about low carb diet and might be wondering what it means. Low carb diet incorporates foods rich in proteins and vegetables. It tries to eliminate most of the carbohydrates from your diet. This includes the likes of Pasta,Bread and any sugary foods.

So once you have settled for a good low carb diet, you can opt to have a one cheat day per week. This will allow you to eat the normal carbohydrates unlike the restricted ones in a week. Most people prefer one saturday of every week. However, it is important to note that settling for healthy carbs is paramount. Examples include the likes of Potatoes, Oats , Rice and Rice.

NOTE: On cheat days, you will notice weight gain.However, this is just water weight and can be shed off in a day or two. Additionally, these carbs are absolutely unnecessary so it is not a must do.

2. High intake of Veges, Fat and Proteins

At this point it is clear how important veges,fat and proteins are. These type of foods are vital and will help you loose weight tremendously. It is recommended that the daily calorie intake should be around 20 and 50 grams per day. Therefore, each meal should contain Low fat veges like Broccoli,spinach, cabbage, the list is endless.

lose weight

High intake of Veges


Ingestion of proteins cannot be stressed enough, not only do they increase metabolism but also repair any damages organs of the body. In instances you feel not full enough you can add up lots of low fat veges. This can be taken with no worry as they cannot surpass the 50 grams needed per day. Intake of water is equally important and it will for sure flash out any toxins.

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Protein sources include:

Fish and a variety of seafood- shrimps, Lobsters etc

Meat- This includes Beef, chicken,Bacon etc

Eggs- These are as important and eggs rich in Omega 3 are among the best

Fat sources include:

Olive Oil

Avocado Oil


Chia Seeds


For years, coconut oil and olive oil has been used in food preparation. You can try different recipes using these low fat oils that help increase metabolism. Additionally, these oils have been proven to reduce risks of cardiovascular diseases like hypertension.

3. Exercises

There are various exercises you can easily adapt to. Visiting the gym 2-3 times a week can be handy. Lifting weights will help build muscles and break the fat off. However, while lifting weights you might notice slight weight gain. This does not mean you are not burning out but it’s an indication of muscle build which is actually expected.

Exercises for weight loss

Exercises for weight loss


Other form of exercises you can indulge in is cardio: This is either jogging, running or rope skipping. However, you can try slowly as you go up. Setting aside at least 30mins of your day to walking. The type that makes you break a sweat.

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In a nutshell the above can be simplified by the


  1. High protein breakfast: Studies have shown high intake of proteins in the morning makes an individual full, reducing their appetite and daily cravings
  2. Weight loss friendly diet: This includes low carb diet, high proteins in diet and plenty of water
  3. Avoid sugary foods and drinks: This cannot be emphasised enough. Like initially mentioned, sugary foods increases production of insulin and refined ones are easily broken down hence making one hungry easily
  4. Chewing food slowly: Over time you might have realised that when you chew food slowly you tend to get full easily unlike when food is chewed and eaten fast
  5. Intake of water 30 mins before meals: This has been an ancient practise that has over time been proven to work

In Conclusion, you can definitely agree with me that the above methods do not starve you in order to lose weight. However, it makes the journey of weight loss achievable and healthy.

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