Mint julep recipe | How to make lemon water mint julep

Lemon Mint Julep Recipe

Mint julep recipe has wonderful freshness as well as excellent flavor source. I love it. When I drink it, I feel the freshness in my mouth, stomach, brain and also in my body. What an amazing feeling it is. When you will drink it, you too will feel this awesome feeling. It is best in stress. Mint julep relaxes your body and also a brain. Thus, it freshens your breathing and you will feel cool whole day.


How to make lemon water mint julep?

Lemon water mint julep recipe is a classic drink. It is easy to make and also cool to drink. It gives excellent freshen taste.
Lemon water mint julep recipe is very easy to make. You just need four to five fresh mint leaves and also lemon. Boil the water and pour it into a glass or cup. In warm water put one fresh lemon juice and also mint leaves. All is done. It is ready to serve.

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Some people like light flavor and some like fast flavor. It’s your choice. If you like fast flavor then chop the mint leaves and put it in lemon water. If you have to lose weight then chopped mint leaves are best. The quantity of both ingredients must be according to taste. Don’t put too much leaves in the drink. It will disturb the julep taste. Use fresh mint leaves and also fresh lemon for best results.

Mint leaves and lemon both are very helpful to lose weight. Therefore daily one glass of lemon water mint julep in the morning will give you very good results.

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Lemon Water Mint Julep Benefits

Mint julep has surprising health benefits. It helps in digestion. Adding mint leaves in lemon water makes the best julep to digest food. It also eliminates acidity. Mint also kills germs.

Furthermore, drinking mint julep has also solved the problem of thinning hairs. It is also helpful in balding problems. Regular use in drinks solves you all hair problem including dandruff. You can also use its paste on your skull to remove dandruff.

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In skin irritation, it is very helpful. Skin allergy is a very disturbing problem. Regular drinking mint julep, as well as lemon water, has solved skin all irritation issues. Mint leaves eliminate allergy and lemon helps skin to recover fast. Furthermore, mint julep and lemon water help you boost your memory. In short, mint leaves and lemon water has a lot of human health benefits. Mint julep, lemon and also water are great combinations.

Dear Friends share this lemon water mint julep recipe with your friends. Especially share with friends who want to lose weight. Furthermore, share with those who want to remain fresh whole day. They must drink a mint julep.

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