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Movie websites are a greate source to watch movies online . Theaters and also cinemas have become old. Here are world’s best movie sites for entertainment and amusement. Enjoy with your family and lover. You can also watch upcoming movies trailers from these movie websites.

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1. Moviefone

In 1989 Movie fone was created and came to the internet world. After some years this free movies online site was brought by a company “AOL “. Here you can watch movies trailers of your favorite movies and also films. You can also purchase online tickets for your favorite movies after watching trailers. This is an awesome place for watching free streaming movies. You can watch US movies, shows of theaters and also films. It is a popular free movie online site among free movie websites. If you are interested in superstars interviews? This place is great for watching your favorite star interviews. You can also get information about upcoming movies. People can use its service on computer, PC, tablet, android, Ipads, iPhone etc.


Given site is a popular social media platform for multiple entertainments. It is famous videos, games, music, and online free movies site. It was developed and came to the internet in 2005. YouTube is a Google fun and entertainment service platform for people. Users can avail YouTube service directly in Google+ social network. They can also use Google chrome browser. YouTube is a mother site of all movie sites. It has introduced the concept of online movies, videos and also entertainment.


This site has upcoming movies, theaters, movie news and also free streaming online features. It has a large database for older movies. People can watch latest Hollywood movies trailers. The review section of this free movie site has clips, trailers, news and us movies theater features. Furthermore, Movie is a famous site in free movie websites. People can get superstars or favorite stars information. Twitter and Facebook are major social networks.


This  is a famous online movie website among us movie sites. Give site is us most popular online ticket selling source. Here you can watch upcoming movies, trailers, reviews, updates and also movies news. Fandango is a sister website of the movie site. Its interface is simple and also easy to use. People can browse it on TV and also on mobiles. in addition, Its interface supports all major devices. They have all major social network support platform for updating and also connecting with fans. You can join Facebook, tumbler, Google+ and also Pinterest for updates and movies news.


IMDB the internet movie database was created in 1990. Two groups TV fans and movie international made it. They made it for watching online free movies without downloading. After coming over the internet, Amazon in 1991 had purchased it. The main  feature of this movies online site is an online streaming movie without downloading. People can watch movies trailers, upcoming movies and also movies news updates. Hence, This site has more than 350 million visitors globally. It supports almost all major devices including tablet and also mobiles.

Furthermore, It supports almost all major devices including tablet and also mobiles. This movie site has a huge  online movies database. IMDB is also top music streaming site from all other movie websites. It has a free one month trail. After one month users have to pay a small amount for online streaming services. This is a best free movie trailers site for us movies and also others. You can buy tickets online for your favorite movies.

6.Movie tickets

People who want to buy online movie tickets this website is an awesome source. You can get trailers, upcoming movies news, updates, actors or superstar interviews features service from the site. It is number one fast online ticket buying company among all over online movie sites. People can also get tickets on mobile phones and can also get print remaining at home. People can watch all upcoming movies trailers and select their favorite one.

Movie-ticket is an active site on their social support medias Facebook, Google+, instagram and also twitter. Movie lovers and fans can also join this website social network. They can get also up-to-date information instantly. Movie lovers can get tickets  their favorite US movies from its United States, Puerto Rico, curacao, and also St Lucia international websites etc. This is a huge online movies ticket selling platforms. people can buy online tickets from all the given URLs.

Canada  URL is
Chile  URL is

Ireland URL

Argentina URL is

Spain URL is

Mexico URL is is United-Kingdom URL.

7.Yahoo movies

Movie lover can enjoy this wonderful movie entertainment platform. People can watch all movie trailers online without sign-up or registration. This site has free movies streaming feature. It is an excellent place for all types movies and also shows. Furthermore, People and movie lovers can also enjoy its interview features. Here you can watch your favorite superstars, stars and also actors. Hence, It is included in the list of most famous movie websites.


Rottentomatoes is created and founded by Senh Dung in 1998. It is famous in measuring movies popularity. RM is also rating calculation site. It is an old online movie site. Its online service providing and also coverage countries are USA, Canada, UK, Australia, India. The site interface tomatoes are considered as a popularity signs or not popular signs. Rotten tomatoes website is number one in all movie sites. You can watch your favorite online movies trailers. Furthermore, you can give views and also rate movies online. US movies Lovers can also vote their favorite by rating them.

+ Sign is for “no reviews” or “no rating”.

Rotten green tomato is for “bad review”.

Fresh red tomato is for “best review”.

People rating are for “popcorn bucket”.



My download tube is a multi-feature site. You can download free movies and also watch online without downloading. This site is also available in seven different languages. Hence, this is a home of latest movies, us movies and games. My download tube is also very famous in movie sites.


In the year 1999, Gray Brandon had created this latest updating online movies site. Amazon had purchased it. IMDB and Box office Mojo both are Amazon movie websites. It is a registered trade of IMDB. The site has very easy and also user-friendly interface. BOM is basically a great place for measuring and also keeping all record of movies online. This site has a box office for keeping history record and also everything related to movies, films etc. It also measures the gross change of movies on daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally, quarterly, time to time and yearly. BOM is a great place of films industry for keeping data collection records.

People and movie lovers can check movies ranks with the help of its chart feature. You can check international movies, US movies performance, and also growth. International facility feature is used for performance measurement. Movie lovers or owners can check online movies national or territory wise results, growth, and performance. BOM is also for measuring business of all movies. This website also keeps records of all movies tickets sold. It is a movies performance measuring company. All news channels also get information related to movies business growth from the site. It is a number one all movies record keeping company. The website also contains records of all movie websites.


Movie web is a famous online movies platform. You can watch new and also upcoming movie trailers. Movie lovers can get reviews, clips, full movies, TV news and also upcoming service features. Here people can enjoy simple and an advanced platform for all past as well as present free movies. It is a popular movies website in the movie sites list. It has YouTube, Google+, twitter and also Facebook major social support Medias.


Movie pilot is my favorite one online movie website in all movie sites. Alisha Graus is the founder of this online movie entertainment platform. It is a movies lovers and also fans centric community platform. Here you can discuss everything about your favorite movies. The main categories of this site are superheroes, TV, superheroes, trending etc. you can get daily updates news about movies, US movies, and also entertainment. Finally, It also has all major features like others free movies online websites.


It is a first site where Hollywood had come online over the internet. Hollywood movies or film lovers can enjoy its movies; TV shows actor’s news, and also celebrity news main features. You can share it on Facebook and also twitter with friends. HD also has a huge collection of celebrity’s profiles, photographs, and also milestones for movie lovers. This is oldest in all movie sites. It is furthermore verified online entertainment platform for movie lovers and also fans.

14. Slashfilm

Movie lovers can enjoy its movie trailers, reviews, news, updates, superstar’s interviews, broadcasts live, film cast and also comic books major categorized features. People can watch upcoming movies trailers and also share with friends on twitter, Facebook. Calendar feature of slash-film has all updates about new release films and also online movies. Hence, Slash is a famous source of watching movie trailers in free movie websites.

 15.Coming soon

As from name “Coming soon”, It is a famous new movie release information platform. People can watch new movie trailers and also videos. This website has free movie streaming, games, TV, DVD, channels and also other features. CS has six major social support networks including Facebook and twitter. It is also a popular website among free movie sites.


Cinema blend is a huge global movie lover platform. It is most popular movies and also entertainment home among movie websites. Josh Tyler in 2003 had created and developed this great web for movie lovers. The site has reviews, games, culture and also movie trailers main categories.


Yidio means your internet video. Its main service facilities are online free movies, TV shows, online streaming, news, movie trailers, US movies etc. Here thus, movie lovers can watch full online movies and also TV shows episodes.  Furthermore, You can search over one million movies online and also TV shows. It has free and paid both services for its users. It is like Hulu and Amazon sites. People can avail its services on computers, laptops, tablets and also on mobile phones. Its service is for android and also ios mobiles. Thus, It is included in world top famous movie websites list. It is free movies awesome source for movies lovers.


Movie4k site is accessible from another domain Its daily news and update feature is best for movie lovers to watch movie trailers. As a result, Here you can get daily updates. People and movie lovers can join its community. They also discuss  their favorite movies. This site has all major features like other free movie sites. It is available in three different languages German, English and also Russian. It also has free movie streaming feature for instant viewing.


Snag film is a US base website. Here you can watch free movies online and also online TV shows. It has a huge collection of great free online movies. The main features of this site include US movies, films, full movies and also documentaries. Users can watch all service on tablet, TV and also mobiles. Snag provides high-quality services to users. Twitter, Google+ and Facebook are its social support platforms. It is famous in streaming free movie websites.

Google a famous search engine. It also provides online movie store with “” name. This site contains free movies for movie lovers. You can watch favorite movies from this store. You can watch free movies as well as TV shows from this store. This store provides its services in worlds 102 different countries.


It is an awesome platform for finding comedy, horror, romance, fun and also free movies online. This is a most popular source for searching all types entertainment free movies online. It is an advanced up-to-date platform in all free movie sites. Here you can get information about upcoming movies. You can also watch new movies trailers. The site has reviews, rating features for favorite movies. You can also watch your favorite superstars interviews.


Watch movie is an online free movie watching website. It has recent, top rated, most commented features. Stream in HD   movie has an advanced feature for movie lovers. People can  watch movies online free or streaming and also download full movies. You can request your favorite movie or TV shows by sending requests. It is a multiple service feature website in all free movie websites. You can also watch your favorite US movies.


New movie is a free online movie watching as well as downloading site. You can avail both services. If your internet speed is slow then, first download your favorite movie and watch after downloading. This site has advanced features including click to play or stream, fast downloading and movie trailers. It supports all major devices including tablets and mobiles. new movies

Watch new movies is an advanced free online movie watching site. You can watch or download full movie it’s up to you. It has new movies, US movies, similar movies, genre, new release, 2014 to 16 features for all movie lovers. You can watch movie trailer as well as new releases. It is now growing and becoming popular in free movie sites.


t has both streaming and downloading features. You can watch full movies without downloading and after downloading. It has advanced server with no advertisements. You have to be registered for online watching movies. You can watch and share with your friends on all major social networks. All movies in the site are well categories in different categories. Vumoo is most famous in all movie websites.


Hulu is a US most famous online movies watching site. Here movie lover can watch new releases and upcoming movies trailers. It gives one week free trail and after this you can get monthly service at very low cost. It library provides only us movies to USA people only.


This is a famous search engine for searching free movies online. You can also download movies without registration. Furthermore, Here you can search your favorite movies and download. It is a very popular search engine for searching all entertainment videos. Movie lovers thus can also downlaod full length free movies. This search engine has become very famous in free movie sites for downloading movies fast.


28.F movies

F movies site has a modern and easy interface for watching online free movies. You can thus watch your favorite movies at the comfort of your home. In addition, this site has no ads interface. It provides full services in 11 countries including the USA. People can watch us movies and TV shows and movies trailers. You can also send request of your favorite movie. F movie is also famous for modern interface free movie websites.



Xbox is a huge platform for world online stuff related to movies, games, sport etc. This website was created by Micro-soft Inc. It is paid service providing site. If you want to know more about this site visit its URL.

30.Ozo movies

Ozo is also rich features interface site. Thus you can watch all top and new free movies. Its interface gives year’s wise movies categories. Its main feature is online streaming.  Therefore you can watch your favorite one with year selection. It has beautiful and also simple interface for all users. Ozo is also famous in free movie websites.


Movie rill is rich featured biggest online database free movie website. Here thus you can watch latest movies trailers. Movie lovers can watch their favorite movies without sign up. The site admin update their database on daily. You can also watch its services on computer, PC, laptop, windows phones, tablets etc. This modern online movie website in very popular. MR also consider in free movie sites list.


Movie tube online is a modern platform for free movies online. Movie lovers can enjoy this site cinema, a-z movie. you can watch US movies and also new movies features. Online movie streaming is its main feature. You can watch upcoming, new movies trailers and select your favorite. You don’t need to do registration. It has clicked and watch interface for users. This website has all major social networks for social sharing and support.

33.Movie watcher

Here movie lovers and crazy people found of watching old and new free movies can enjoy a lot. It is an online cinema where you can watch online free movies without registration. Its main feature is online streaming. It gathers HD streaming links all over the internet. They give high-quality services to their visitors. Its advanced interface has low advertisement. users can watch without registration and login. Movie watcher is considered in online free movie sites list. Visitors can also watch upcoming movies trailers.


Divx crawler is a good platform for US movies downloading. It is a safe and also most reliable free movies direct source of downloading over the internet. They regularly update their database. You have no need to do registration for downloads. For latest movies and also online streaming you have to be registered. It is a modern featured site in free movie websites. In its member area, you can avail all featured services. It has free and also paid services for movie lovers.


People can watch Chinese, Filipino, Hindi, Hong Kong, Japanese, Malaysian, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and also Vietnam online free movies. This website has Box office of all new, old and also latest movies. Movie lovers can easily download their favorite movies. Furthermore, It has a huge collection of movies database from 1943 to 2016. All history old movies can be watch from this website. You can watch old as well as new movies trailers. people can also choose what to watch. It is a famous website in all free movie sites for containing all old movies.


Crazy people for watching free online movies can enjoy Vodlocker services. You can watch trailers. It has movie streaming main feature for online free movies. Vodlocker has all movies and also TV shows main categories. This is a free online movie watching platform among free movie websites.


Movies counter fantastic free movie site. People can find a lot of verities movies. If you are found of watching free Indian movies this is a great site for you. Furthermore, people can watch free Bollywood, English, Hindi. They can watch Punjabi and also Hollywood movies. In addition, movie lovers can also search movies years wise. This is an excellent place for free movies downloading. People also have options to watch HD movies trailers.


Solar, movie is a free movies website. Users can watch free movies online and also rate their favorite one. Furthermore, you can  watch TV shows and also dramas. People can know about upcoming and also news released movies. They can also watch trailers.


Zmovies has both HD stream and also download features for movie lovers. Users from all over the world can watch their favorite free movies online. It also has TV shows, US movies facility for all users. They give short story line for the detail of movies. In short, Z movies website doesn’t host media files. They only paste the links of third parties. It is a safe and also famous website in the list of worldwide free movie sites.


Movie night has changed its interface in 2016. After changing website interface this site has boost up quickly. You can stream HD high quality free all movies, US movies, and also TV shows. It is a cool place for all type of online entertainment. Hence, It is included in top free movie sites list.


Its adaptive streaming feature is a new one in online free movie sites. In this feature, users don’t need to wait for stream or buffering. It is an instant watching technology. You can watch free movies online without waiting for five days trial. This place is great for watching new free movies. It is easy and also quick entertainment place. Furthermore, You have no need of special software. No need to downloads and also no need for any installations. It has comprehensive HD quality movies library. You can watch new release movies trailers and also rate them. This is also a good place for US movies lovers.


Movie24 is a good place for watching new free movies online. You can also share favorite free movies with your friends on all major ten social networks. This site supports all famous social media networks for sharing. It doesn’t host any video, movie and also film on their own platform. M24 is an advanced and also rich categories website. It is also famous in new free movies websites.


HD movie is a new free movie online site with all new rich features and technology. It has most viewed daily, weekly, monthly features. HD contains  free movies links of very old age 1933 to upwards. This site also has all new movies links. It is considered in new websites. HD movie is also included in modern featured free movie sites list. This site provides its services globally. HD also has chatting feature for users. Here stream online and download both options are given on the website interface. 


World-for-u-free movies website has a huge collection of Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Movie lovers can watch trailers. Visitors can also watch upcoming movies trailers. This site has dual audio, mobile movies, dubbed movies, 720p HEVC movies, 480 PHEVC movies, games, cartoon.WUF also has Punjabi movies categories. It has 300MB movies and also films downloading facility. World movies thus have very easy and also simple user interface. It is also popular in Indian free movie sites. 


Movie planet is also free online movies watching web planet. People from all over the world can watch free movies, US movies, action. They can also watch adventure, news episodes, comedy TV shows etc. Users have to do registration for free full service. Furthermore, movie planet is available in two languages. Facebook is its social network. Here you can also watch new movies trailers. Movies planet is considered famous in free movie websites.


Film-xy is a platform where people can download free movies as well as music, games and other software. This is also a global entertainment and movies discussion forum. Movie lovers can talk about everything related to movies online and super starts. Here millions people come monthly to discuss superstars and heroes. This is famous in discussion forum free movie websites. You can watch upcoming movies trailers and can also discuss with other visitors.

Movie websites final conclusion

People don’t have high-speed internet free movie sites are awesome platforms for them to download free movies. In addition, you can also watch upcoming movies trailers. Movie lovers can also read their favorite movies, superstars and also actors news. They can also vote favorite movies and superstars. All above-listed sites are world’s best movie websites.

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