NetFlix Online Streaming Giant Threaten Reportedly To Pull Films From Cannes

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The final decision would only be taken when Cannes officially announces its line up on 12th of April. Otherwise, the situation will remain fluid. In case, if Netflix threats continue to pull out the films, this situation would bring the wrong impact on high profile belonging filmmakers.

As Netflix an online streaming giant has threatened, It will never give titles to Cannes Festival film. This happened because of Thierry Fremaux the director of the festival said, he would not allow screening any movie in competition platform. First, a movie must have to release in France theatres. Last year Netflix gave titles Okja, But Meyerowitz stories screened on the festival.

The movie announced at the fest of last year would be considered retaliation for new rules. Movies having no France theatrical releasing record have officially banned. As Netflix titles are not played in the theatres of France and movies directly played on online digital service. Therefore this situation must be banned.

Fremaux said in response to an email to Indiewire, They are talking about this matter. He still welcomed them. In actual, it is like a battle between online streaming cinema and theatrical cinema. Amazon and Netflix are the top warriors on streaming giant in this battle. It is very funny and also interesting battle of the age.

Steven Spiel Berg and also Christopher Nollan are the big filmmakers are actually not a fond model. They actually work with theatres. More, Steven said, no doubt Netflix is a unique online streaming cinema but Oscars nomination should not be given online streaming.

Christopher attitude is more dismissive. He said the service police mindless and further he also called Netflix the whole digital model. His attitude is showing he will never agree to make peace with online streams. As his belief and preference are with theatres cinemas and distribution. He despises the online streaming or digital. Let see what will be their next turn toward solving this issue.