Netflix totally pulling out All Movies From The Cannes Film Festival Next Month

Netflix totally pulling out All Moves

On Wednesday, Netflix Chief said, Next month we was pulling out all the Cannes Film Festival. As the organizer has banned the online streaming webs, therefore Netflix is totally pulling out from the Cannes Film Festival. In competition area films are banned to stream, thus it is now pointless.

More, Content Officer of Netflix Ted Sarandos Chief said in his interview, it has been pointless to stream Cannes after the festival changing of the rule.

Last month, Thierry Fremaux ( Cannes Festival Director) said, As Netflix totally refused for giving films to theatrical distribution in France. Therefore Netflix would be banned for 12 days in competition. More, he also said, however, Netflix could stream the films in outside the competition.

Further, Netflix content officer Sarandos told, we will not contribute to the non-competitor. There is no reason to move to out of the competition. As Thierry announced the rule clearly for Netflix, therefore it has been now pointless.

Sarandos also added more to the discussion. The films will remain on the fairground to show and also with the filmmaker’s agreement. He also said going in this way would cause risk and disrespect attitude to treat the filmmakers. Therefore in his views, it would not be good to adopt this way.

Now Netflix is planning to stream and release the 80 original movies in the year 2018. These films will stream to 109 million customers globally. Some films like starring will smith and also fantasy has been released in local small theaters.

The chief also said about the may festival in French, He would not be able to attend the French Riviera May 9 to 19 dated festival. He said, but our Netflix executive would remain there to acquire the matter.

Now, what will be the next attitude of Cannes Festival Director with Netflix? Let see will the Netflix customer be able to watch the movies same time on Netflix or before the time or any possible rule will come for Netflix users.