Is the new TV spot of INFINITY WAR depicting the end of Captain America?


The most awaited movie of the year, Avengers: Infinity War, will be on the theater screen for night preview screenings. They are coming this time with new clips and TV spots. The latest and most famous was made by the tailor for the international audience. Due to popularity, it was called by the name of “The end of Captain America.”

In the upcoming TV spot, we can see that the Captain America is really gearing up for the latest battle in the Wankada. In this footage, Thanos is also with him and both of them are squaring off. In this scene, it could be the end of Captain America. Most probably, there are a lot of chances of this scene.

If you have seen the new trailer for the TV spot, then you will also know that the trailer is depicting the comedic view of the movie. Some of the fans are liking these type of comedy scenes in the serious fighting movie while many of the fans are not liking the comedy scenes. The directors, Russo brothers also said that the movie, infinity wars, has a number of comedy scenes than that of Captain America.

The entire cast of this movie is now going to promote the new trailer for the TV spot. On a lighter note, the entire movie will be on a pretty dark view. So, you can expect a lot of new interesting stories that will give you a blockbuster entertainment. So, grab your tickets now from the famous cinemas near to your home. Try to watch the movies with your family and friends in the cinema. But if you want to watch them on the internet, then it is one of the most famous movie places on the web. All the movies available herein present in HD quality.