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Top 10 Nuclear Power Countries in the World

Nuclear Power Countries
Written by Najma P

With the passage of time, our world is becoming dangerous. Countries are developing new tools and machinery to tackle their enemies and to shut their evil tactics down.

Nuclear weapons are extremely rare but once owned, can turn a normal country into a nuclear superpower. These nuclear weapons have the power to turn a large country into ashes in no time.

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Where these weapons cause mass destruction and devastation, they can also make you secure and protected. No one dares to mess with or to toy with a country having nuclear weapons. Because they are aware of the destructive powers of these weapons.

So far only 8 countries have succeeded in making themselves nuclear power and terrifying the country of their weapons and ability to turn them to ashes in no time. The top 10 nuclear power countries in the World are:


Russia is the top most nuclear power of the 8 countries that own nuclear weapons. Russia owns 7,300 nuclear warheads that can turn enormous cities into ashes in a blink. In August 1949, Russia launched its first warhead and became the second country to succeed in their nuclear testing.


The United States is second of the 9 nuclear power countries and was designated this title when it succeeded in the nuclear weapon testing in 1945. Approximately, United States owns 6970 nuclear warheads. The US focuses a lot on these warheads and is the only nuclear power countries, which has used them.


The third of the nuclear power countries, France created this power in the year 1960 and since then, has succeeded in creating almost 300 nuclear warheads. Most of these warheads are deployed on submarines or aircraft for bigger and better impact.


China is one of those nuclear power countries, whose nuclear warheads are not active. These nuclear warheads were introduced in China in the year 1964 and up till today, it consists of 260 of these warheads to terrorise its enemies.


The United Kingdom owns almost 215 nuclear warheads. They are less than China’s, but it is one of those nuclear power countries that has some active nuclear warheads. The UK turned into a nuclear power in the year 1952. It has also kept their warheads on Submarines to infiltrate more enemies.


Pakistan turned into one of the nuclear power countries in the year 1988. Up to date, Pakistan own almost 110-130 nuclear warheads, but none of them which are active. For many time now, Pakistan is improving its nuclear arsenal to tackle opposition by the enemies, effectively.


India owns almost 100-120 Nuclear warheads up until this date, none of them which are active, similar to some other nuclear power countries. India did its first nuclear weapons testing in the year 1974 and is improving its capabilities, day by day.


Israel is one of those nuclear power countries who hasn’t been added to the proliferation treaty, just like India, Pakistan and North Korea. Israel almost owns about 80 warheads that can vanish its enemies’ existence in a few moments. The first nuclear warhead was developed in Israel in the year 1966.


Last and the most recent of the nuclear power countries, North Korea developed its first nuclear warhead in the year 2006. Up till date, North Korea owns less than 10 warheads and is still working in this field to improve and develop petrifying weapons to restrict their enemies at the borders.

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