Parmanu Teaser Release Now


John Abraham is seen to be focused on his upcoming project titled Parmanu, a story of the Pokhran. He is seen to work in one accord with his producers to see a successful mission. This makes the actor seems to advance with his yet to be released film. Later, he reveals a poster which was new on his page and seems to be related to the new film. Thereafter, he goes ahead and shares a link, with a teaser talking about a nuclear thriller.

This teaser lasted one minute long and begins by showing a montage of some of the historical and marvellous achievements India got. This capture in a time span India got independence in 1947 and even when the Indian Cricket players won the Cricket World Cup in the year 1983.

The teaser is narrated by Boman Irani and it displays the clips of the Indian Army carrying out a nuclear bomb test in Pokhran. In between, Boman Irani also talks of the achievements that India lost in the pages of her history. Eyebrows are raises all over and a look into Abraham’s characters is considered by a number of individuals by claiming in the very released teaser that India could become a nuclear state.

This teaser, therefore, achieves a great mission of getting all the attention of the viewers and yet it does not again give too much information about the plot and as such a suspense.

Reports have then been received from various sources talking about John releasing the film’s poster to social media. The film producer, Arora thus says that there are high chances that the yet to be released film can to a greater chances backfire.

He says that their production house and the Zee’s Kyta productions are the official presenters and producers of the film no other body, company, or any person has the rights to release or leak any part of the film at all cost.

He said that John had no right and authority to claim to be presenting the film. He could not release any part of the film without notifying the legal presenters and producers of the film. Arora says that the act is a criminal offence and as such, they are taking legal recourse as a production company.

Originally, the film was set to be released officially on 8th December 2017 but was later rescheduled to February 23, of this year. Again it was never released then but rather postponed to a later date of 6th April and now again, it is yet to be released on May 4th.