Rampage Movie Review: Trailer, & Show timings at Us Updates

rampage movie reivew

Rampage is a science fiction movie released in 2018. The director of the film is Brad Peyton. The following are the crew casts and starring in the film;

Dwayne Johnson ( The Rock) as Davis Okoye, Naomie Harris, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Marlin Akerman among others. It is a monster film technically acted from a video game emulation. The film is rated 3/5.

The only hope and savior Dwayne Johnson is more likely to save a troubling franchises with a lot of ease and without troubling much just as he is capable of laying an enemy down to sleep just without any weapons but his bare hands, but the irony and bad news is, even him, with all the dignity and strength, cannot save Rampage from demolishing the town without geting help from other crews and one intelligent monster gorilla, George, who forms a part of Dwayne Johnsons’s or rather Davis Okoye’s as he appears in the film Rampage team.

Dwayne Johnson in collaboration with his director Brad Peyton is known to produce films that are well precise with action as the sub-genre just as they did in these films like, San Andreas, Mysterious Island, Journey 2 and others.

With their latest, Rampage seeming to be the best and highly rated of all. This is why even its trailer was breathtaking and liked by a number of individual an act that was evident in the way the trailer got many views and shares across all the social media platforms.

Theoretically, or rather technically, Rampage in a movie game video.

In the acting scene, it is evident that there are some elements of borrowing from the game video to come up with or develop suitable scenes that could get more and more likes and views. Like the appearance and presence of large and huge vehicles, the Dwayne Johnson drives from off a cliff and still survive.

This is an aspect inspired by the gaming culture.

This time round in the film Rampage, adventure calls when Dwayne Johnson’s friend, George, the intelligent and very wise giant gorilla gets infected with a toxic serum and as a result, it mutates to a giant size, unbelievable strength and a super agility kind of a monster. These facts about George makes the shady government, mercenaries and even the shadiest corporations to be wanting to capture or kill George, the gorilla.

Dwayne Johnson seeks to assist the innocent gorilla plus save the whole town from getting demolished by other terrible monsters like Raph who mutated the same way George did only to become very dangerous and destructive.

Dwayne enlists and finds assistance from the scientist responsible for the mutation and infection of George and the other monsters for project Rampage, Naomi Harris and one cowboy, Jeffrey Dean Morgan in order to save George from being captured or even killed or both the merciless cartels who are after it.

For most of his films, Dwayne Johnson prefers a gun hire means of movie making.

Normally, he is one man based movie maker sort of. In Rampage which is a movie with no stakes, it becomes an irony because at one point we here Dwayne saying, “Let us go save the world.” This has in his recent film become a trend and in the views of many, it is kind of annoying according to their own opinion and take as movie lovers.

In a nutshell, the movie video, Rampage though being fictacious, is one of the best acted and well performed by Dwayne Johnson. Emulating Davis Okoye’s character, he has given his all in the film. Their relationship and friendship plus a collaboration with the elegant gorilla, George, just make the film more and more interesting and lovely.