Salman Khan is Appearing As Star in Own Biopic

Varun DhawanSalman Khan biopic

As the trend has been set to make Biopic on actors. Varun Dhawan decided to make Salman Khan Biopic. He is also a close friend of Salman. Varun thought Salman is too young and he can perform in his own Biopic. He is 52 years old and his appearance is also quite young. Therefore he is the best and actual match of his own role. They also talked with Varun on this topic.

Nowadays, he was in the problem of Blackbuck poaching case 1998. Therefore actors of October also asked a question to him on this issue.

In the starting career, people and his fans mostly compared Varun Dhawan with Salman Khan. Thus, this think caused different question in the mind of people. More, Salman remained the superstar and hero of Bollywood movies and also Hindi commercial films.

Varun said if Biopic of any famous actor is made then the young actor is the best choice for acting. He feels his friend looks too young and can perform his own role. Therefore he gave the idea to appear in his own biopic.

When he was in jail, his close friend Varun thought about his own Biopic. But he said this is not the right time to do. As he can star in his biopic. But when he came back, Varun became so excited and happy. He said, I am so glad to see him and now Salman will appear in his own Biopic. More he also said he has more close and personal relation with him than the professional.

More he also said about Salman and his family. They respect and give value to Indian judiciary. Therefore they will use the legal and best way for the matter of Blackbuck issue.

At the end he said, I am very much happy to see him back at home. More, he also said yesterday I went to his home to see him. He really became happy to see me.