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What Is A Social Bookmarking?

After making so many investments – hosting, domain, outreach and promotion, website maintenance etc – no blogger wants their website to rank anywhere outside the top 3 on Google. Naturally, people have found many hacks to trick Google into thinking that their website has the most authority.

But as internet marketers grow, so does Google. To outsmart the spammy internet marketers, Google has rolled out many updates to search algorithms. With each update, Google is tightening the noose around these folks who using black hat methods for authority building. It is becoming harder and harder for the spammy bloggers trying to rank low authority sites with keyword stuffing and automated backlinks.

But then the question is – With so many measures in place, where does the honest, sincere blogger with good content go for backlinks?. Fortunately, we have an answer for you today in the form Social Bookmarking Site.

How does Social Bookmarking Work?

It’s pretty simple actually, many of you might have used one of such services too. We are talking about websites like Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon.

A social bookmarking website lets you share the content among your friends. But these social networks are slightly different from the personal social networks. Unlike the social sharing on Facebook and Twitter, this site comes with a built-in tagging capability for users. Meaning that, users can not only share, they can add tags and description so that their friends will be able to understand the significance of each link.

Users see any article and share it on their profile of this site. They can also browse through the articles shared by their friends. Another feature for discovery of awesome articles is the set of popular articles by topics or tags.

It is important to note that many websites for social bookmarking do not let users post personal updates or pictures. This allows them to differentiate from the personal social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

It is a place that dedicate to concentrate content. It’s the hub of articles. People don’t share their personal side, they share bookmarks.

Social Bookmarking as a Promotional Tool

Social bookmarking has all the tools Google needs to determine authority. There are tons of ways in which search engines can derive social signals from these sites. Social bookmarking is a lot more direct than personal social networks.

Let’s now look at ways at how using these websites can help you. In the few points below, we will try to link the advantages of social bookmarking for the web search engines.

List of advantages of social bookmarking sites

  1. Link juice: It is popular informal term used for domain authority. When one website gives a “dofollow” link to another website, they are sharing the domain authority by passing the link juice. A “dofollow” link will be traversed by search engine bots, while a “nofollow” link will be ignored and act like just another backlink.


Virtually all of these social sites for bookmarking and sharing articles cater to multiple categories. The key advantage of link building on these sites is that you can share their domain authority and bask in their glory, so to speak.

And even if they give you nofollow links, it is still a backlink from a higher authority website.

  1. Cascaded social sharing: Social bookmarking sites are a minefield of social signals. These sites born a lot of viral content as well as sourced. Naturally, the users on this website are positive, rather impulsive sharers. If they like something, they will instantly share it. Such a social environment is ripe for skyrocketing your blog’s traffic to new heights.

There are different ways search engines utilize the social bookmarking sites for social signals:

  1. User-oriented Metadata: A lot of these social bookmarking sites allow users to add their own tags, descriptions, and upvotes / downvotes. These are all very important social signals for search engines. If an article has more of these social signals across multiple sites, it all comes together to boost the authority of the article in its domain. This boost is a lot more authentic because they’re generated from user-oriented metadata rather than the owner of the website.
  1. User-Focused Categorization: The categorization from these websites is usually based on the tags that give real users. Again search engines find this categorization a lot closer to reality, than categorization given by the site owner.
  1. Faster and deeper indexing: This is more of an advantage for websites which pass the link juice. A high domain authority website crawl better. If all the links are dofollow, then your links also index a lot faster.

If a good article is hidden deeper into your website and not easily available. Just put it on a social bookmarking site and let their ecosystem work its magic.

  1. Better quality articles: If you saw an ad of a new deo on TV, you may or may not notice it. It all depends on the quality of the advertisement, which is subjective. What if several of your friends are talking about the same thing? You’d certainly be excited to explore it.

Social proof and word of mouth are perhaps the most effective promotional tools. Similarly for Google and other search engines, they rely on websites with high DA. And social sites are a lot more personal to the user and very likely to have higher credibility.

List of 15 Handpicked Social Bookmarking Websites

Now you know what is social bookmarking and how it is useful for your website,. Let’s try to some of the most popular ones down.

  1. Allows users to create “subreddits” which act as groups based on various topics. Users share content in various formats including video and direct links. It works like bulletin board for entertainment and news categories.
  1. Allows users to browse articles from within its interface based on their interests. Users can also click a link to read the remaining articles the parent website. It is a smooth mixture of many social signals; it allows users to like/dislike a page, share them with their friends, and even add them to a list.
  1. It allows users to list their saved articles on their public profile. It is basically a social directory of articles. The entire website is divided into “channels” and users are suggested articles accordingly. Users can read the articles written by Digg team, or click on links to external articles. It is also one of the most popular social bookmarking websites.
  1. It is a great place for folks working in the IT industry to explore new content about the technologies they are working on. An important note: Dzone hosts all content locally on their, but users can post articles with nofollow links to their own website.
  1. It is actually a Q&A website, not exactly a social bookmarking service. But it has a very active community where each user gets badges and reputation points for their contribution on their website. Users can contribute by asking questions, answering them or by commenting on them. Other readers can upvote / downvote your questions / answers / comments. This is a great tool for education and programming niche bloggers, if used well.
  1. A social bookmarking website for Small business owners and enterpreneurs. If your content caters to this industry, this is one the major websites for you to target.
  1. It compiles articles from various blogs through its own web crawler called “Kinjabot”. Register users present with blogs according to their refined personal taste. It captured through various innovative tags. Users can also submit their own blogs to be crawled by Kinjabot.
  1. One of the ealriest general social bookmarking sites. Users can see content aggregated from various websites and save them into their profile with keywords. It is again a very trustworthy source for search engines to gauge credibility of an web page.
  1. Diigo: It is probably the most powerful social bookmarking portal, which explains why it offers many of its features as a paid service . It has several features – including tagging, annotation, outlining of pages, sharing, highlighting, etc. Again, sitting at a very high Alexa rank of 3069, this is one of the must-use online promotion tools. As for the targeting niche, it is structured more for researchers and students so related niches may be linked.
  1. This website allows users to search and upvote/downvote stories of their interests. It can be best-used as a review tool. The voting service it offers to its users come through on a very simple interface and can act as a solid source of social signals for search engines.
  1. This is again a very high quality news aggregator, which majorly supports technology, open source, devices, and other categories. It has a separate section for polls and deals for its readers. With an Alexa rank of 4104, Slashdot is one of the most popular tech and gadget industry news sites.
  1. Clean, organized discussions are the USP of this site. It allows users to share news stories from around the world and discuss them. A significant social signal it provides are the tags with each article.
  1. Yet another powerful social bookmarking service that allows users to share and like content in different formats – pages, news, videos, tags, users. From social signals point of view, users can mark the content as favourite, or save them or even share them via email.
  1. With advanced tagging, this site allows great social signals. Users can share from their profile by publishing articles.
  1. An article bookmarking site which allows you to explore, read, and share content across all your major social networks at once. It has an Alexa rank of 1723 and provides a clean user interface for social content bookmarking and delivery.

These are only few social sites for content bookmarking. WIth some research, you too can find a few high authority social sites for your own niche. Even if you don’t want to spend time on finding niche-specific social bookmarking site, you can easily use these fifteen social bookmarking sites.


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