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Written by Faheem Jutt

social networking sites

Social networking sites are the key for SMEs. That strengthens the relationships with customers in an attractive way. There ultimate goal that is to create a steady audience. Almost create some business benefit over time at the end. But there are so many social platforms & obviously that is tedious and overwhelming to maintain a presence in each. Though many times, we hear about the importance of using social networking sites in a business. But many of don’t know which ones are perfect when reach out our product or service, nor which platform will report a greater benefit.

The modern world sees us practically connected to the Internet at all times and in all places, counting not only with the possibility of using a Laptop, but also using the Mobile Internet service, being this tool that allows us to do the above mentioned, Constantly uploading information to the cloud, especially with the rise of social networks.

This type of website is nothing more than a huge Information Exchange room where users share with others all the activities they perform, as well as Multimedia Content or simply texts, being in constant contact and with Real Time Updates, making exchanges of information and giving rise to debates and comments on a particular content.

Users of social networking sites are already in our daily routines, how many times a day do we review them? And why do we do it? Have you ever wondered about the importance of social networks? Why are they important to you? We will then answer these questions.

Why are social networking sites important?

The social web is the great global communication source. The technology of social networks have made it easier to access and disseminate information, now we spend more time on the Internet because it seems faster and easier to communicate by this means.

The ways we communicate also have adapted to this growing technological development. For the young people and for those who work so many hours in an office, socialization is now carried out on social networking sites.

Did you know…?

Did you know men and women have differences in their social networking sites preferences? According to an infographic of Digital Flash, 82% of Pinterest users are women. They also dominate the two main social networks in the world. On Twitter, 64% of users are women, while on Facebook they are 58%. Males, on the other hand, seem to prefer more Google+, holding 71% of total users, 84% on Reddit and LinkedIn, 63%.

What are you looking for?

The usual, information of what happens in the world and in our own personal worlds or networks, to our problems. There are our friends, our family, friends of friends and circles of contacts around us. Since we have always needed others, the human being has always needed to live in society. We need to communicate, to listen and listen. Social networking sites empower and facilitate our ability to connect with other people. Here is the importance of social networking sites.

The relationships we establish with others can be as deep or superficial as we want; social networking sites are just the tools. Hard to believe it seems, there are even bonds of friendship that begin on these platforms that can be made so strong that end in incredible love stories in social networks.

Of course, if more and more people are on social networks then companies and organizations will like to be on social platforms. Because of their audiences are also there. They also want to be heard, whether to sell, promote, understand or connect to the necessities.

The best alternative is to actively participate in social networking sites that can help your company more. And which ones are the best?

Below is a list of the best social networking sites that should improve their market share finally?

1. Facebook

Facebook is the best popular social networking website for any person & companies who quickly want to reach most of the social person. Let’s see why:

Audience: Facebook has more than 800 million active users, women, and men in similar proportions, not only reaches young generations but also to older audiences 35-54 of which 67% have incomes from € 18,000 – € 55,000.

Best for:
– Generate more lively relationships with customers, detailed updates and can use their profiles as a link to their websites.
– Create a brand with the Facebook community, using various applications.
– Monitor the activity of the company page, especially for Facebook Insights, where you get analysis on which contents have a better response or viral (likes, comments and share).
– Ease and extent of the network.

But it takes a lot of money and effort to build a large audience. While Facebook seems simple (and free), but it is not. You may have to spend a lot on the quality post, promotion, or both. If you have a famous or a well-established brand in your community, Facebook could be ideal. If you have a regional local company then it is hard to reach right audience. Sometimes it wastes time or maybe not.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an online professional social networking site that enables the search of new clients. It creates, manages and also shares their professional. Furthermore, it also facilitates relationships with influential brands for the company. Where employers offer jobs & job seekers post their updated CV.

Audience: LinkedIn already has more than 135 million active users, of which 59% are men and 41% are women. The majority of its audience is between 25-34 years, followed by those who are between 35-54 years old. This is a 14th most popular website (October 2016) by an Alexa Internet ranking.
Best for:
– Looking new clients and facilitate relationships with influential brands for the company.
– Create different contact circles to integrate qualified professionals and industry experts.
– Expose the company and obtain relevant information for it through questions to different groups that can be created.

Now, anyone can use LinkedIn as a blogging forum and tap into the potential for large-scale LinkedIn exposure. For those who have not been able to build a blog, this is an incredible opportunity, and many people are finding it public for their work. The main limitation is that this is a business site. It probably will not be posted on your favorite football team or on your restaurant, unless there is a business lesson behind it.

3. Google+

Google+ as pronounced and sometimes written Google Plus or G+, works likewise to Facebook. Allowing interacting dynamically with users, but this platform allows you to direct content to specific users, giving more relevance to the messages. There are incredible communities dedicated to photography, cars or technology, for example. Of course, you can build an own G+ audience, but the platform tends to go left on the table because of its limited reach.

Audience: G + is relatively new, the majority of users are men (63%), compared with women (37%). The audience is quite smaller than the rest of social networking sites, most are between 18-34 years. Though Google+ was blocked by the People’s Republic of China & still remains unavailable.

Best for:
– Do business with young consumers, initial users.
– Create social interactions directed through circles.

4. Twitter

This social networking sites already has more than 310 million active users (As of March 2016 statistics), and is excellent for generating conversations between brands and followers. Twitter the social network is not as simple as it seems. Its twists are limited to the 140 characters, which can be very difficult & require tricky to create meaningful words or sentences in that small space. Twitter has the ability to create a huge number of relevant audiences or customers quickly. This platform is very good for making the initial connections. It is a very helpful for getting the leads to the other platforms like a website, a blog or podcast.

Audience: The majority of Twitter users are women (62%), men (38%). 71% of users mostly between 25 to 54 years. As a result, that makes one of a global platform for public self-expression online news and social networking service. Twitter is the social network that is banned completely in Iran, North Korea and also in China. Furthermore, it has been continuing same for Iraq, Egypt, Venezuela and also Turkey.

Best for:
– Companies that do not have a lot of time but want to be connected.
– Find out what is being talked about the brand, allowing direct response to customer doubts, criticism, as well as promote products, provide customer service, market research, etc.

5. Pinterest

A virtual catalog of ideas that allows users to “hang” photos, links, etc., and organizes them. Other users can do like, comment and share them. It is the only social platform in which you have to do low-work and as a result, you get a high reward. First, it will create public value for content rather than content creation from another portfolio on the website in logical web pages. It is good for entertainment and people inspiration. Furthermore, users can get very loyal audiences from here. Social networking sites in full swing with more than 40 million users.

Audience: The popularity of this site has exploded, receiving only in a week of December 11 million visits in their history. The majority of users are women (83%) and 70% of users. Hence, Pinterest hits by 150 million monthly active users, up from the 100 million that announced in September 2015. At the end of 2016, it would be ended by 218 million active users consequently.

Best for:
– To gain exposure for products, particularly those products whose designs are creative, since each post requires a high conversion photo.
– Business with lucrative visual that allows users to engage with the brand and industry.

6. YouTube

A video sharing platform has become a key player in attracting consumers with tutorials and video blogs for everything around us!

Audience: This site has similar proportions of women and men, but is segmented by user Percentage by Age 18-24 – 11%, 25-34 – 23%, 35-44 – 26%, 45-54 – 16%, 50-64 – 8%, 65+ – 3%, unknown age – 14%
Where female users are 38% and male users are 62%. Almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every 24 hours.

Best for:
– Promote products can be better through tutorials, reviews, and demonstrations.
– Brands that can produce and benefit from quality videos.

Others Influential social networking sites

Reddit is a social network that hosts unparalleled content-centric social communities.
It is a kind of combination of Google+, forums, and blogs. It is a people social network like the Google+. Users are more passionate with this social source. They also like to make communities. In its interface users can help others in the same way like forums. It is a place where unique content and also strong emphasis reflection is based in the communities. Thus, users can get unique and different communities on various topics. These communities have some business restrictions. Therefore users can’t fully promote their business according to their needs. In case, if the users try to promote their business fully they fact the problem of throwing them out. This is the type of social gathering that is the combining with Google+, blogging and also forums etc.


Using this social networking website requires little effort to attract new followers. Plus, it’s fun and easy. And to the middle of this discussion of social networking sites, I bring you one that until recently did not exist and that is revolutionizing the world. This is an app on which we can hang our own photos, but in a very peculiar way, since we can pass many filters and use very funny animations.

8. Slideshare

has incredible reach potential to a brand new audience. But it is also very difficult to succeed because there is a certain art involved in telling a convincing visual story through slides. You need the content, the images, and the great story. It cannot be too short, or too long. And the Slideshare audience is still limited. Only 15 percent of vendors are actively using this social networking site.

9. Myspace.

Although struggling in recent years, it remains a powerful way to connect online with its approximately 38 million users. Myspace is popular for user-submitted social networking site for friends, blogs, teenage and young adult social groups, photos, music, and videos. In July 2005 News Corporation acquired it in $580 million. As for last October 2016, Myspace gets traffic 1,522 from the United States and ranked 2,154 by total web traffic. It features to embed youtube video since 2005. In September 2012 it develops the interface more user-friendly & visually optimized.

10. Flickr.

This is a well-known social photo exchange site by yahoo with 1TB space…definitely, huge space to share your thought or shoot by your camera. By March 2013, Flickr recorded a total of 87 million registered members and more than 3.5 million new images uploaded every day! Flickr has official mobile apps & mobile friendly optimized site.

11. Soundcloud

This network used by thousands of artists to hang their albums, DJ sessions etc. And share them. The German based online Audio platform social media over 40 million registered users since July 2013. In 2014 there were 175 million unique monthly listeners. It supports all kind of popular audio format & official mobile apps. That already downloaded 150 million times at the end of 2015.

12. StumbleUpon.

Help spread your content viral to your friends and other like-minded people. It integrates with other social networks, such as Facebook. It performs as a discovery engine act like a web-based search engine. Provide their user to find & best-recommended website by search. StumbleUpon had over 25 million registered users since April 2012 as it announced.

13. Ning.

Users on the social platform can create their own required social networks. Thus, it is excellent for people that want to sell products. They can create their brand name social platform. Hence, they own their products, services, brands and also anything. People globally interact with the ten million users and each other since 2005. Since the year 2011, over 90,000 social websites are running on the Ning Platform. Here every user can create own communities and also social networks.

14. Tagged.

This social platform is for people to meet each other. They can share any interesting topic including games as well as other things. It has more than a hundred users.

15. MeetMe.

Another social network oriented to meet new people with whom to have fun, to chat and to relate. This is an evolution and absorption of the previous social networking sites.

16. Meetup.

The name of this website is “meet-up”. Thus, with the name everything is clear. The basically use of meetup is to meet with each other. The people having the same as well as common interest can meet each other. It is mostly used for the meeting. Users have to enter the zip code as well as the interesting topic for proceeding.

17. Delicious.

Delicious is the famous social platform for bookmarking. It is a place where users can social bookmark the favorite website and also pages. It is a popular storing and also sharing website. People can enjoy the social bookmarking providing services from this site.

18. Foursquare.

This site is the great geo-location services providing a source, which can incorporated into other sites and also social network services providing websites.

19. MyOpera.

The community of one of the most used browsers, the My-Opera works as a contact center for biggest social networks Facebook and also twitter. Users can also share and enjoy the friendly community of Opera.

20. Hi5.

The Hi5 social network platform is basically used for purposes of general sharing over the internet. It is a social network which is modeled after the social platform Facebook. This social website is famous in the following countries Thailand, Mongolia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and also India etc.

You already know the best social networking sites to expose your business, depending on the characteristics of them and the community you want to reach. Hopefully, you will use this data to choose the Social Media services that best fit your company.

Needs are the same in offline or online life, only changing times and technologies. In the “boom” of social networking sites and with much of our contacts in this environment, having a presence in them seems natural. Someday we get an invitation and decided to create an account and see what happens. So, they seem to us important places to spend time, not to replace our connections and bonds in offline life, but to maintain and expand them, to deepen them.

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