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Top 10 | Amazing beautiful capital cities of our earth

top 10 capital cities
Written by Faheem Jutt

Top 10 amazing beautiful capital cities of our earth.


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It is world’s top 10 capital cities list.

1. Landon

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Landon is a very beautiful capital city of Britten. Different nations people are living in this city. Therefore it is a mixed cultured city. Here different cast people live. Here more than three hundred languages are spoken. Furthermore, it is  a busy city of the world. People on the roads look very busy. They also walk like they have an emergency to reach somewhere. Its beauty is eye-catching.

2. Islamabad



Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan. It is an awesome natural beautiful city. This city is situated in the lap of Margala Mountains. It is best for natural beauty and also life relief. It has memorable beautiful places cover with mountains hills. Tourists will love to watch and also visit these top 10 capital cities.

3. Washington



It is a capital city of American. Washington City was constructed in the year 1791. Furthermore, it is the world 7th biggest city. This is very beautiful and nature full city. It remains mostly cloudy in all the year.

4. Berlin



Berlin is a beautiful capital city of Germany. History of the earth has so many cities that had been destroyed. The human had settled this city again for life living. Berlin is one of them. In 1945 second world war, Berlin was completely destroyed. After the huge distraction, Germany has made it more beautiful than past. Now, this city is considered in top 10 world very beautiful cities list.

5. Ottawa



Ottawa is like a paradise on earth. It’s natural greenish scenes are very eye-catching. It is a capital city of Canada. This city has very beautiful greenish gardens. It is also very famous because of its beautiful gardens. Furthermore, in summer season Ottawa  cover with very beautiful flowers. This increases its beauty so much. It is best in top 10 natural beauty cities of the world. All given top 10 capital cities are best in beauty.

6. Budapest



Budapest is the capital city of Hungary. People of this city are also famous because of their good behaviors. These people are habitual in giving respect and also love to guests. Furthermore, Budapest is a famous historical city. Thus, It has many historical places. It is highly cultured and civilized city.

7. Paris



Paris is the capital city of France. This city is very famous in the world because of its beautiful canals. Paris is also very popular in art, fashion, civilization and also beautiful places. In addition, it is also known as a mirrors city as well as beautiful fragrances place. Paris Eiffel tower is most popular place in all over the world. It is a world famous social, political and also good economy city.

8. Tokyo



Tokyo is the capital city of japan. It is a very populated city of Japan. This city is also known as “Tokyo metro polls”. People in this city mostly like to walk. So, the roads remain busy with walking people. Furthermore, Tokyo is also popular because of its culture, fashion, foods and also industry.

9. Moscow



Moscow is the Russia capital city. It is a famous city because of its historical background. This is beautiful as well as a historical city. People from all over the world love to visit its historical places. Furthermore, this city has huge transport platforms. Moscow has international airports as well as trains systems for long traveling. It also has underground fast metro system. Moscow is also famous in architect designing etc.

10. Rome



Rome is Italy capital city. It is famous because of historical buildings. It has rear historical old buildings that every tourist wants to visit. Furthermore, it is also famous because of its culture and civilization.

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