top 10 comedy movies

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Movie Director: Paul
Released date: 15th July, 2016
Movie Timing: 116mins
Paul Feig is the director of this comedy movie. Ghostbusters movie is the fresh turn in the comedy movies history. In addtion, in the movie supernatural creatures are exposed in a funny. The movie story is about the ghostbusters that took the word by storm after the thirty years. After long waiting, the beloved franchise returned it. Finally, it is a comedy as well as horror flim and soft tough movie. you will like it.

Finding Dory

Finding Dory

Animation Movie
Release date: 17th June, 2016
Movie Timing: 103 mins
Movie Directors: Angus maclane, Andrew stanton
The story of movie is about a dory fish named Ellen DeGeneres. Blue tang with wide eyes dory suffers from loss of memory. Furhtermore, it has memory loss problem after every ten seconds and so on. The fish has she gender. Only one incident she can recall and also memorize is her separation with parents. She can only remember the separation in the child age with her parents. She has Nemo, Marlin and also Dory embarks three dear friends. Thus, she searches her parent with the help of friends. Moreover, In the parents searching many adventures has come. Finding Dory is the all in all in 2016 animated top 10 comedy movies.

Central Intelligence

Central Intelligence

Released date: 17th June, 2016
Directors: Marshall Thurber, Rawson
Movie timing: 107mins
The movie story is of Bob bullied geek. He grew up and joined the CIA. There he works as a lethal CIA agent. In addtion, an overweight Bullied teen shows up his muscular and also fit look to his high school reunion. He finds a talkative and also fast-talking account Calvin (Kevin hart). He missed the glory days of his famous athlete. The Bob stone needs skills of Calvin to help to the safe the U.S spy satellite system.

The Nice Guys

the nice guys

Released date 20th May, 2016
Movie Director: Shane black
Timing: 116mins
This is An American comedy movie with crime mystery, thrills and also actions. Holland has a down-on-his-luck private eye in the year 1977s, the Loss Angeles. A hired enforcer “Jackson Healy” hurts humans for lining.  Further, they have become partners after the Amelia, the young woman (Amelia) disappeared mysteriously. March and also Healy have come to know that some dangerous men are searching Amelia. In addition, the story is written in a funny way. To know more about this movie visit our watch free movies online article and also enjoy free online streaming movie. Moreover, you can also downloading your other favorite movies. It is also included in top 10 comedy movies.

La La Land

La La Land

Date of release: 9th Dec, 2016
Director: Damien Chazeelle
Duration Timing: 126mins
It is romantic as wellas musical movie. It is also comedy movie of American. The movie story is of a musician as well as aspiring actress. He meets and also falls in love with Los Angeles. They continue to meet with each other’s to fulfill love desires. The movie story thus is presented in a comedy style. Therefore, it is interesting to watch and also to laugh. It is a full of love and also comedy film. hence, you can watch to get full entertainment or download movies from torrent sites. In short, this is a couple romance movie in a comedy style.



Releasing time: 8th April 2016
Movie time duration: 100mins
Director: Jean Marc Valle
Demolition drama film is about the successful banker Davis. In the film he has represented as a successful investment banker. He struggles for success, after the tragic death of his wife in a car accident. Davis stars to rebuild with the help of a customer service representative and also her son. He thus began with the life demolition that he knows. To know about whole story watch this movie from our top movie sites.

Café Society

cafe society

Director: Woody Allen
Released date: 15th July, 2016
Timing: 96 mins
Movie is about a young man in the 1930s. He has hoped to become an actor in the Hollywood film industry. Thus, for career growth he left the New York. Further, he falls in love with a charming woman. As a result, they settle friendship but unfortunately his heartbroken. Finally, he left there and returned to Bronx. Here he starts doing job in a nightclub. For more you can watch free movie from our website online free movies websites list.



Released date: 29th April, 2016
Director: Peter Atencio
Timing: 100 mins
Keanu is the story of cutest kitten of the world. The girlfriend grew up and some heartless thieves have stolen her cat. Moreover, her cousin helped to retrieve it. The film thus has many comedy scenes and you will also enjoy watching this movie. How to friends try to retrieve her stolen cat from thieves. Keanu is famous in top 10 comedy movies.

The Intervention

top 10 comedy movies

Director: Clea Duv-all
Date to release: 26th August 2016
Film timing: 90mins
The intervention is an American comedy movie. In the movie four couples story is presented. Movie is about a weekend getaway for them. It takes a sharp turn when one couple of them discovers the entire trip orchestrated to host the intervention of their marriages. Finally, you can watch free movies from online streaming sites that we have given in our top movie listing.

Zoolander 2

zoolander 2

Director: Ben Stiller
Released date: 12th Feb, 2016
The former model Derek Zoolander and also Hansel, after living some years in the seclusion they find to thrust back into spotlights. They were invited in a fasion event at Rome. More about the surprised, how much the business industry has been changed. If you want to know more about this comedy film and also want to watch it for free visit our movies tag on our website.

As you know, comedy movies play great role for enjoyment. Whether movies are full comedy or with tough of romance. They always boost up mood and also refresh mind. Hence, people that want to relax themselves. They must watch comedy movies. Furthermore, people can also watch these movies to remove stress and tension from life.

The above comedy movies 2016 have become very famous. People that love to laugh will enjoy the given list of top 10 comedy movies.