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Top 10 Most Dangerous Deserts

Desserts have been considered one of the deadliest places to visit in the world. Due to the low level of precipitation, only a few living things could barely survive in the area. However, many people still find out ways to live in the scariest place. Yes! A lot of people dare to live in this location with less water and barely visible precipitation.

Now you might be thinking about visiting a dessert in the world? But wait! Who says that all the desserts are good to visit! Only a few of them are available for life to exist, else the desserts are dangerous for humans. Let us clarify the topic further by listing top 10 most dangerous desserts in the world.

We are listing of the most dangerous desserts all together in one list. The list of top 10 most dangerous desserts is a comprehensive guide with a lot of information. You can learn about each dessert separately and explore the world!

Dangerous Deserts of the World

  1. The Sahara Desert

You might have already heard about the deadly Sahara Desert. It is globally known as one of the biggest and dangerous deserts. That’s why it is in the first position on the list of top 10 most dangerous deserts of the world. It is one of the deserts you should go well prepared, otherwise stay away from it.

  1. The Arabian Desert

Remember the tales of Arabian nights? That’s where the whole story started! The Arabian Desert is vast and full of dangers for a human, that’s why special precautions are taken to visit it. It has taken the second position in the list of top 10 most dangerous deserts of the world. You should also be aware of sandstorms that could lead you to death and take plenty of water during the visit.

  1. Desert Gobi

The Desert Gob is biggest deserts in Asian countries which is on 3rd position in top 10 most dangerous deserts list. It is the most dangerous desert after the Arabian one. You should prepare properly before visiting it during your tour.

  1. Kalahari Desert

It is huge desert extending up to 900, 000 sq. KM of the area. Only a moderate amount of precipitation is found in the desert. Thus it has taken the fourth place in top 10 most dangerous deserts list. Only a few portions of the area receive rain in the whole year.


  1. The Patagonian Desert

This desert is also named as Patagonia desert and also known as the dangerous desert of the world. It lies in Argentina and called as a deadly desert. The size of the desert is 673,000 sq. KM which is pretty much bigger than an average desert land.

  1. The Great Victorian Desert

This great desert area occupies up to 434,000 sq. KM having sand mountains, pavements and pampas plains.  There are a few salt lakes in the desert, and the whole scene is amazing. The Great Victorian Desert is in Australia, and we thought to keep it in the list of top 10 most dangerous deserts.

  1. The Great Basin

We have ranked this huge desert on the seventh position in top 10 most dangerous deserts. It comprises of a wide area near the arctic sky-scraping desert crosswise section in California. It is a barren land with very little precipitation quantity.  But still many people love to visit deserts like this one, so should also give it a try! But make sure to take proper precautions before visiting it.

  1. The Chihuahua Desert

It lies in the Central boundary of Mexico comprising of about 352,000 KM2 of the area. It is smaller than the Great Basin Desert but still one of the biggest deserts. That’s why we have added it to the list of top 10 most dangerous deserts.

  1. Karakum Desert

It is the 10th largest desolate tract in the world and the most dangerous desert. But it is still  on 9th position in our list of deserts. It allocates about 70% area of Turkmenistan and has a small number of people living in it. That makes somehow a safer desert than others on our list.

  1. The Sandy Desert

Now the last place in our list is taken by the Sandy Desert. It is the second largest desert in Australia and 10th most dangerous one in the world. The area of the desert is 284,993 km2 and lies in Western Australia.

We hope that the list of dangerous deserts must have helped you a lot. We will keep sharing the list of different kinds of stuff to help people. Keep visiting for more interesting lists!



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