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Top 10 Dangerous dogs

People around the world love dogs and kept as the pet for many years. Nevertheless, what if we say that these cute animals can be dangerous? Yes, there are some species of dogs that are very dangerous for humans. These species are one of the dangerous ones, and people are advice to stay away from them. So what do you think? Which one would be the most dangerous dog? You might be thinking about German shepherd or a Pitbull, aren’t you? But that is wrong! These are not the most dangerous dog species in the world.

There are numerous dogs that are much more dangerous than a Pit-Bull. One can create a complete list of top 10 dangerous dogs, comprising of the rarest species. A lot of research is done on different dog species. The researchers compared different results based on dogs and made a list of top 10 dangerous dogs that ever existed.

We have just simplified your task and put that list of top 10 dangerous dog species on our website. Whether you are a dog lover or a person willing to read about their breeds, this list is going to help you further clarify your concepts. Below is the list of most dangerous dogs of all kinds that live in this beautiful world:

#01. Giant Schnauzer

Now this one attracts our attention due to various facts, and one of them is the similarity with a German shepherd. The Giant Schnauzer is very intelligent and possesses a huge body. It is famous to be the pet of German soldiers. These dogs are trained to attack people during wars and other similar actives. Soldiers use them during a fight with the enemies so that their abilities and skills are been utilised. This is the dog; you should stay away at any cost!

#02. Akita Inu

Akita Inu is one of the most powerful and alert dogs of all kinds. It is aggressive towards other dogs and can prove to be the best one. This dog is one of top 10 dangerous dogs in the world. You do not want it to attack you, aren’t you?

#03. Chow Chow

It is a rare kind of dog breed and can be dangerous in some situations. Especially when Chow Chow dogs are not been trained, they can cause a lot of trouble. They can attack strangers and give serious injuries within minutes.

#04. Bullmastiff

It is another powerful and yet intelligent breed of top 10 dangerous dogs. The Bullmastiff breeds are been given special training to guard homes and provide security. They specialise in less barking and natural guarding abilities. They have special intelligence level and can work like professionally trained dogs. However, at the same time, they are in the list of top 10 dangerous dogs of the world.

#05. Papillion

The Papillion breed seems to be cute and loyal in the family of dog breeds, but can be harmful too! They attack strangers and non-family members at home. You should also keep them away from other dog breeds or else a fight could be the result!

#06. The Sub Toy Chihuahua

It is one of the most dangerous dogs that you could ever have at home. The size of a healthy dog could be around 102 millimetres which is big. Their barking sound is so dangerous that it can even break car’s wing shields. That is why it is in our top 10 dangerous dogs list made with proper research.

#07. Pug

Pug is the second most dangerous dog after the Chihuahua breed. Because of the regular usage in China, and are often referred as Chinese Pugs. But wait! Do not just make a decision over their name? Chinese Pug used to guard the Great Wall in China and attack strangers. Thus, it can prove to be the most dangerous dog in the world.

#08. Rottweiler

They are cute and love to live in families. They are loyal and pretty much obey every command of the master. However, just like other top 10 dangerous dogs in our list, Rottweiler is taken care with extreme precautions. A certain mistake can lead to huge loss in your home or the stranger entering in it!

#09. German Shepherd

Obviously, a German shepherd must be in the list of top 10 dangerous dogs in the world. They are also termed as a guard or military dogs because mostly army people use them. They are obedient and follow the command of the master. People also keep it as the pet in homes but only for guarding against strangers.

#10. Dalmatian

This dog breed has a natural affinity for horses and thus used to coach horses and train them. Dalmatian breed has a well-established and alert type of dogs. They provide excellent guarding abilities but also require regular training & exercise. You have to take the dog regular for a walk and train it properly. Otherwise, it can prove its presence in the top 10 dangerous dogs list.


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