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Top 10 Most Expensive Jewelry in the World

Expensive Jewelry
Written by Faheem Jutt

Everyone wants to look good from others. For this purpose, women focus a lot on their personality. They want expensive and unique things to enhance their character level. Finding best jewelry is their uppermost demand. Here are top 10 most expensive jewelry items. Have a look at them.

1: L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace:

It is the most expensive jewelry item in the entire globe. It weighs 637 karats, having the world’s largest, precious and flawless diamond as a centerpiece. Its total worth is approximate $55 million that has white diamonds of 229.52 and set in rose gold of 18 karats. This necklace filled with rare gems, beautiful, unique and flawless jewelry pieces and unusual, perfect cut pieces of diamond gives a unique touch.

2: The Graff Pink:

When it comes to expensive jewelry, then comes the name of Graff pink. It has a worth of $46.2 million, and it is the creation of American jeweler Harry Winston. The Graff has 24.78 karat of pink diamond that is a rare type of rock with the finest quality and has a rectangle shape ring with perfect cut of the pink diamond.

3: The Perfect Pink:

The worth of this astonishing ring is $23.2 million, and it has 14.23 karat of brilliant pink perfect cut diamond which is very rare to find. The three eye catchy rectangular diamonds sets from beautiful rose and also from the white gold ring of approximately 18 karats. Two colorless diamonds are established by keeping a pink diamond in the center.

4: Heart of the Ocean:

It is one of the most-recognized jewelry items in the entire globe with the worth of $20 million. The first heart of the ocean was seen in Titanic movie back in 1998. Due to uniqueness, style and perfect cut of diamonds, its imitations sold for $3.5 million at the auction. Harry Winston is the creator of this lovely and expensive jewelry item.

5: Chopard’s Blue Diamond Ring:

It has worth of approximately $16.26. The main thing for its popularity is a blue diamond that makes its delicate ornament. The ring weighs nine karats with a perfect cut blue diamond on its top. It can take place in any women’s heart due to its uniqueness.

6: Bulgari diamond ring of two stones:

It has various claims to fame. The first is, it is from a family of Bulgari collection and second is, it has triangular diamonds. One is of navy blue color, and other is white and total weight is 20 carat. It has a worth of $15.7 million.

7: Heart of kingdom:

Heart of Ocean is the creation of Garrard Company, who are oldest in making expensive jewelry items. It has a remarkable ruby of Burmese of carat 40.63, and it has a shape of a heart. This jewelry has a worth of $14 million and has more than 150 small diamonds on it.

8: Emerald and the Diamond Tiara:

It has a value of $12.7 million. More than 100 perfect cut small diamonds gets studd on this jewelry item. It is the demand of every woman due to uniqueness in it. This item has pear shaped drops of more than 500 karats on top.

9: Wallis Simpson’s Perfect Panther Bracelet:

Wallis Simpson’s Bracelet has a shape like the Panthers. It sold at the worth of $12.4 million at an auction. Windsor Wallis Simpson created this astonishing bracelet and now it is in the demand list of every woman.

10: Briolette Diamond Necklace:

This expensive jewelry has a worth of $11.1 million. The Diamonds used in this necklace has weight more than 75 karats. The diamonds also gives a purple shade that looks so tremendous to eyes, and it has become the demand of every woman due to beauty factor.

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