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Top 10 horror movies Hi, Horror movie lovers! You don’t need to go to cinemas for watching horror movies. This is an awesome place for watching free top horror movies or best scary movies. Here you can watch free more and more scary movies. You can watch how much you like to watch in your free time.

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Horror movies are also very interesting entertainment source. Horror also creates amusement as well as enjoyment. Especially when we are with your family, watching horror movies increases excitement.

Furthermore, horror movies are great for watching and discussion. It creates funny horror in our mind.

Top ten horror movies 2016 list.

The Forest

the forest best horror movie
The forest best horror movie

It was released in 8th January 2016. This awesome movie takes place “Aokigahara forest” of Japan. In the movie, an American young girl Sara searches her twin-sister. Furthermore, her twin sister mysteriously has missed- out. She has not returned again. Her sister Sara has decided to search her in the depth of the forest. The forest is the mysterious place and also having haunted souls etc. The Forest is best natural forest scene movie in the given top 10 movies


anti birth horror movie 2016
Anti birth horror movie 2016

Anti-birth date of release is January 25th, 2016. In this movie, a party girl Natasha becomes a wild girl after the party. She feels uncouth pains and also bizarre symptoms. Her friends think she has now pregnant. it is popular in 2016 best scary movies. Watch more in the given sites.

Patient Zero

best scary movie
best scary movie

Patient zero released date is 2nd September 2016. This is an interesting horror movie. It has an interesting story in which human has become rabid freaks because of the strange virus. Military advisor and also doctors search antidote for its treatment. Patient Zero is too famous in top 10 horror movies. For more detail watch this movie from given links.

Friend Request

Top 10 horror movies

Friend Request movie was released on April 20th, 2016. It is UK based movie. This movie story is about a famous college girl. She gives her most of the day time to social media surfing. She received the “friend request” and she has become interested accepting it. Friend Request is also included in top horror movies list. For more detail watch or download the free movie from given links.


viral best scary movie
viral best scary movie

The viral release date is 19th February 2016. It is an about horrible virus that quickly spread out half of the world. A girl records a happening event that took place because of this disease. In addition, she lives in a small town. She also faced this viral disease problem in her family. This young girl sister has been also infected with this viral disease. For furthermore, details go to the given free movie sites and select this horrible movie to watch it.

The conjuring 2

the conjuring 2 horror film
the conjuring 2 horror film

It has a subtitle with the name “The Enfield Poltergeist”. This is released in  UK year 2016. James wan is the director. Carey Hayes, David Leslie, Carey and also Wan are its writers. It is an American horror movie. This movie is the sequel and 2nd installment of “The Conjuring 2013”. Furthermore, you can watch this interesting horrible movie from the given free movie links. Select anyone of your choice.


amityville movie 2016
amityville movie 2016

Ampityville “The Awakening”  is released on April 15th, 2016. It is a series of top 10 horror movies. This is an also American horror movie. It has currently seventeen series. You can watch its trailer as well as a full free movie from the links we provide in this article.


horror movie
horror movie

It is an interesting horror movie. Julian Maury and also Alexandre are directors of this movie. Seth M Sherwood has written the story of this scary movie. Watch its trailer and also a full movie from the given movie websites.

The Neon Demon

the neon demon scary movie
The neon demon scary movie

It is 2016 famous top 10 horror movies. Nicolas Winding is the director of this horror bloody movie. The Neon Demon is also considered in top horror movies. Furthermore, watch its trailer and also a full-length movie from given movie streaming sites.

Don’t Breathe

dont breathe movie
Dont Breathe Movie

It is an American horror movie. Fede Alvare is the director. Rdo Sayagues and also Fede Alvare both are a writer of this horrible movie.

Watch top 10 and also all horror movies trailers. In addition, you can watch full-length free horror movies of the world from these movie sites.

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