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Top 10 Songs to listen to when you’re Angry

top 10 Songs
Written by Faheem Jutt

top 10 Songs

Every other person has a craze of listening songs and are willing to enjoy this in their spare time. They offer amazing entertainment for your heart and soul. There are many different types of songs, and people love to hear them. But it’s not necessary for everyone to love the same songs. Most people love to hear sad songs, while others want romantic songs. No matter what’s your choice, you must be searching for the top 10 songs? But how you are going to do it? We are going to help you out in this situation!

We will help you find the best songs for spending your spare time. Especially when you are angry and want some entertainment to calm down! Songs can help calming down your angry moods and provide your pleasure.

How to search for best songs?

You can easily search for best songs online using the famous search engine Google. Just enter some basic queries like top 10 songs, best songs, etc. You can also add genres with the queries so that the results would be according to your requirement.

Google will bring up one of the best songs, or we can say top 10 songs for angry mood. Now you can listen to them and calm your mind. Or let the rage come out of you to an extent.

Why are songs preferred in angry moods?

Think of the moment when you are pissed to an extent and have anger to an extreme level. What will you do? Break something! Or let the anger came out of your by some means? Obviously, the second option is always preferred. It is not only the best solution but benefit’s you a lot.

There are people who don’t want to calm down at first. They just want to bring the anger out of them as soon as possible. Both cases can be solved simply by hearing the music. It can cool you down or bring out the beast out of you.

It is one of the tested techniques on people with anger to an extent. Besides the mood relation, songs provide relaxing features for everyone. That’s why searching for top 10 songs becomes the best opinion.

Why should you search for top 10 songs?

Now you might be thinking why to search for top 1o songs? Can’t we search for a single song? Well, the reason for which I mentioned this technique is easiness. If you know some songs that would be pathetic enough for your mood, just enter their name in the search bar. You don’t have to search for top 10 songs at all. But if you want to get some suggestions for best songs, searching for this technique will help you a lot.

A single search with keywords like “top 10 songs for angry mood” can bring up thousands of results. Each website would be offering a different collection of songs. You can check first 10 results and get best ones for your mood. That would save a lot of time, and you can get the best songs in minutes. Rather than searching for each song individually, the technique of using “top 10 songs” keyword is best.

We hope you can now search for songs related to your mood, but for your help, we are listing top 10 songs for angry moods. We have carefully assessed the list based on user ratings of the song. So you don’t have to go anywhere else to find top 10 songs, just check out the list below and enjoy!

Top 10 Songs for Angry Moods

Three Days Grace – I Hate Everything about You

It is best for people who are angry due to relationship problems or due to their crush. Don’t let your anger kill your patience and let it come out of you!

Linkin Park – One Step Closer

Best for anger on troublesome people whom you don’t want to be with you. It can help you calm down or have your beast roar!

Green Day – Platypus

This one is best for people not willing to calm down soon and want to burst with anger. It won’t let you calm but increase your rage.

Eminem – The Way I Am

So you are tired and want to relax by calming your feelings for the people? Go ahead and listen to this mind relaxing song and enjoy!

Rage against the Machine – Killing In the Name

It is the song to burst on any person with extreme anger! Don’t let people ruin your feelings and tell them what you have? Enjoy this fabulous song and spend the uncomfortable time.

System of a Down – Prison Song

When you are angry with the boss or any other systematical procedure, hear the song and let the anger come out. You can enjoy the song anytime when upset with some systems.

KoRn – Dead Bodies Everywhere

Best for people pissed off by family problems and willing to hear something entertaining. It’s best to stop worrying about people and enjoy yourself!

Drowning Pool – Bodies

When your anger is at the extreme level, and you cannot decrease it, you can hear the song and also calm your emotions.

Disturbed – Down with the Sickness

When everyone’s making, you upset, and you want to burst out with annoyance.

Limp Bizkit – Break Stuff

This song is best for people angry with everyone in their life. Those who don’t even want to get out of bed and stay angry all day long. Just hear the song and enhance your emotions properly!

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